Day 2/11 – Teresa Teng Memorial Park

The weather today is extremely bad. It started to get hazy at noon with lots of ashes flying around and had coated my car with a rather thick layer. I guess there is no point of car washing for the time being as I don’t think the situation will get any better in the next few days until Ching Ming is over?

But anyways, I am not here to talk about the bad weather but continuing about my Taipei holiday trip. Time sure pass by swiftly as it is almost a week and a half since I came back from holiday last week. Okay … Let us get back to my main topic of the day before I get sidetracked even further.

It was not in our itinerary to visit Teresa Teng Memorial Park as I had only planned Jiufen, Yehliu and Pingxi in the first place. But Sister mentioned that Teresa Teng Memorial Park is one of the top visited tourist spots in Taipei. And fortunately for us, it is near the areas which we were covering that day hence the cab driver dropped us off for a quick tour before sending us for lunch.

Non-Chinese readers may not know who Teresa Teng is. She was a famous singer back in the days. I guess she is around Mom’s generation. She died at the age of 42 in Chiang Mai from severe respiratory attack. She was born 邓丽韵 (Deng Li Yun) but she was later known as 邓丽君 (Deng Li Jun). You know how celebrities had their names changed for the sake of publicity. She was buried in a mountainside tomb at 金宝山 (Jin Bao Shan).

Without further ado, let me show you how her memorial park looked like …


This was taken right in front of her tomb. If you observe the design carefully, you would have guessed that it is the design of a melody key.


This is a statue of herself and you could see her tomb afar in this picture. Pictures displayed around her tomb were gifts from her fans. You can pay your respect on the spot as there is a guy standing next to her tomb distributing joss sticks to visitors. I did not take a picture of her tomb from near range as I think it is not polite to take a picture of someone’s tomb. It is spooky in some ways to me. I am not sure about you but it is to me though.


Both Sister and I did not give this stone a complete read through but we speculated this is some sort of a memoir of Teresa Teng.


Before you arrive at the tomb area, you will come across this giant piano laying on the ground. Some of the keys are still working but some are not. Use your foot to press on the keys and there will be sound coming out. It is pretty fun to play with.


A globe thingy with our reflections. I think we played something similar previously when we were both still in London. Quite funny, I would say. You may look weird from the reflection. This is the best one which I had got. The rest were average as there was one which showed Sister having a pig nose. LOL!


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