Day 2/11 – Jin Shan Old Street aka Jin Bao Li Street

After visiting the late Teresa Teng’s tomb at Teresa Teng Memorial Park, our hired cab driver for the day dropped us off at the entrance of Jin Bao Li Street for temple visiting and lunch break. Sister and I decided that we will walk to the end of the street for the temple before coming back for food.


This was taken at the entrance of Jin Bao Li Street. This is not a big market compared to the one in Jiu Fen. Rather than only food stalls, we came across a few stalls selling iPhone adapters, multi plugs, pets accessories and so on. But of course, most of the stalls were selling food. But this market has a lot more varieties rather than food only.


Took this picture as the bunch of candy floss fascinated me. I guess it had been more than 15 years since I last had one. But surprisingly, it did not tempt me to buy one but it sure jogged some childhood memories. At the end of Jin Bao Li Street is Cihu Temple or also known as Jin Shan Mazu Temple. We went in to pray and wished for safety while holidaying in Taipei.


Pancakes seller nearby to the temple. The pancakes come in three different types of fillings – butter, red beans and chives. They were selling at NT$25 for three pieces with your preferred choice of fillings. I think we bought one with red bean filling and two with butter fillings.


Piping hot pancakes with black sesame seeds in the batter! To be honest, we both find these pancakes to be average only. There was nothing special to rave about but we both agreed that the butter filling was good.



It is never complete if one did not try Taiwanese famous pork sausage when visiting Taiwan. The both of us did not try much of their pork sausages but honestly speaking, this was the best that we had tried. It had quite a queue and it took roughly waiting time of 5 to 10 minutes for a stick.


Yummy pork sausage! The meat was juicy and tender with the right amount of fats and coated with a layer of honey glaze. Purely awesome and yet sinful at the same time. LOL!


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