19032015 / CoCo Curry House, Tianjin

On the days when I was in Tianjin, I had to go out for lunch on my own when Sister was at work. On the second day in Tianjin, I took the train from Citizen Square into Gulou where Joy City Shopping Mall is located. The ride was more than an hour so please be prepared with your choice of entertainment to kill the time. I watched an episode of Hong Kong drama series from my iPad on the journey.

I had an early lunch at CoCo Curry House as I did not have any breakfast at the hotel. I did not know the train schedule hence skipped breakfast to save some time. I was famished by the time I arrived at the destination. It took me quite some time to figure out what I wanted to eat looking at the directory board inside the mall. Decided to try out CoCo Curry House when I walked past the restaurant while looking for more eateries. According to Sister, one of her colleagues highly recommended this place for those who like Japanese Curry.


炸猪排蛋包饭 | RMB46

This is basically Pork Cutlets with Egg Omelette. You can choose the level of spiciness for your curry gravy. I chose non-spicy as I am not sure how spicy their gravy is and I do not want to risk having to find the washroom while shopping. The spicy threshold of my stomach is not consistent most of the time.

There are times when I can have spicy food without having to rush to the washroom but there were times when my stomach can’t even stand the slight spiciness at all. The pork cutlets were breaded with breadcrumbs and deep fried to perfection. The gravy was generous in portion. The egg omelette was perfectly done too as it was smooth and creamy.

However, I would very much prefer if the gravy is slightly thicker with a little bit of spiciness. That way, it would be more than perfect. But all in all, this was a good plate of Japanese Curry.

CoCo Curry House
33, Fourth Floor,
Joy City Shopping Mall,
2 Nanmen Outer Street,
Tianjin, 300020,


8 thoughts on “19032015 / CoCo Curry House, Tianjin

  1. Karee Raisu! My new fav Japanese food :3 I only have tried here in Brunei at Excapade and Sushi Tei so far. The one at Excapade is the best imo. I’ve bought the curry roux at supasave and wanna try make my own curry next time hehe. I’m so addicted to it ❤

    Yes it's been ages i didn't leave any comments in your blog lol. Hey i'm back!

    • I had only tried the Curry Rice from both Excapade Sushi and Sushi Tei. However, I find the quality at Excapade Sushi to be inconsistent. They are sometimes way too salty. The ones from Sushi Tei are good but inconsistent at times too. xD

      I used to make Japanese Curry back when I was still in overseas but no longer cook them when in Brunei as parents don’t fancy Japanese Curry as much as the local version. LOL!

      Yeah … It’s been a long time since you last dropped a comment here. Had it been a year?

      Anyways, have you try much new eateries in Brunei?

  2. Aww i like the Japanese curry as much as the local or Indian curry here. I think they are great :3

    I haven’t try much new eateries like Rovansil or Peppermint but recently i went to Toompee Cafe at Airport Mall which is next to DQ. Do try their Very Berry Smoothie! I love it ❤ I always go to my regular fav restaurants like Excapade or Fun Wok Hong lol. Need to explore more new restaurants out there.

    • I had never heard of these cafes that you named apart from Peppermint Cafe. I had been to Peppermint Cafe twice and I don’t mind returning but food serving time is a little bit slow the times when I was there.

      What does Toompee and Rovansil serve? Have you tried the Hippo Bees at Seri Qlap Mall?

  3. Toompee serves simple western dishes if i’m not wrong. Rovansil is a fine dining restaurant serving both Asian and western cuisines i think when i saw their board menu. Yeah i’ve tried Hippo Bees’s vanilla ice cream in a cone last time. It was so creamy but i feel like there’s more better one out there lol xD It’s not that bad though. Worth a try!

    • I had just checked both eateries Facebook pages. I think I had seen Toompee before but never thought of trying it. Maybe I would drop by and give it a try next time. But I think I am more tempted to try Rovansil. It looks real classy.

      I have a friend who tried Hippo Bee’s and she said there is nothing much special about the ice-cream. According to her, it lacked something in which I had forgotten what it was. But I think their selling point is the honeycomb topping?

  4. Yup do try Rovansil. I wanna go there next time as well! Yeah Honey Bee’s concept is the infusion of honeycomb in their ice cream. Mine last time didn’t have any honeycomb. Wonder if it might taste better with honeycomb. I’m not sure if i will give it a go again. Perhaps in the future hehe.

    • I think I wanna go try Rovansil this week. Maybe there is not much difference with honeycomb apart from the sweetness. But I guess I will give it a try some time with honeycomb topping. Will let you know what’s the difference. xD

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