09032015 / Paddington House Of Pancakes, Gadong

Gosh! I am getting slower and slower in updating my blog! It is only now that I realized that this blog entry had been pending for almost a month. Like I said, the novelty for blogging has been wearing off lately. But no worries, I will try to get them updated as soon as possible as I still have a couple more entries to cover on my previous 11 days holiday trip.

Few days before I was due to depart for Taipei, I drove to The Mall after work for pedicure as I do not want to have a ugly looking feet while traveling. I want everything to look “perfect”. You know how annoying it is when you look at your feet to find out that they are looking ugly with all the dead skins around the nails? Hahaha … I hate that feeling.

I headed straight to Essensuals upon arriving at The Mall as I did not know what time they will be closing for the day. The entire pedicure session took me more than an hour. By the time I am done with pedicure, I am starving. I could not decide where I wanted to eat as I was alone at the time, hence I ended up at Paddington House Of Pancakes as I was craving for pasta.



Paddington House Of Pancakes had only opened it’s doors to the public about a month ago. They took up the unit after Pasta Mania had vacated. On the day when I was there, they were still on their first few days if I am not wrong. Therefore, menu was rather limited as compared to their main branch in Berakas. However, they did roll out a couple new dishes.


Rather than going for their signature pancakes, I decided go ahead with their newly created pasta dish – Avocado Pesto. Frankly speaking, I am a huge fan of pasta in pesto sauce. There is nothing that I would order from Pasta Mania apart from their Pesto Linguine.


Avocado Pesto | B$16

I would say this is quite an expensive dish of pasta but they do serve it with generous amounts of seafood and rocket leaves. Both mussels and calamari rings were frozen products but they were not reeking of unwanted smell. The pasta was cooked al dente but the sauce was however rather too salty for me.

Paddington House Of Pancakes
Unit 9, Block H,
Ground Floor,
Abdul Razak Complex,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2430086


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