Day 2/11 – Jiufen Market

I am such a horrible blogger. It had been nearly a month since I came back from my 11 days holiday trip and I am still covering on the second day of the trip. To be honest, I have too much things to do in hand at the moment to even bother about blogging, And when I do have the spare time in hand, I would rather spend it on watching my recently downloaded drama series than typing away. But I am do an entry now as I am currently waiting for the bread dough to complete kneading in the bread machine before I hit the sack.

Hopefully, I still have a clear memory of where I had been to or what I had eaten throughout my holiday trip. But I doubt I am able to remember the details precisely as I don’t even remember what I had for lunch yesterday. LOL! But I will give my utmost best to complete this blog entry.

After our light lunch at Jin Shan Old Street, our hired cab driver for the day drove us to the famous Jiufen Market. All of my friends who had been to Taipei highly recommended me Jiufen Market as it is a long market and it sells varieties.


On the way heading towards Jiufen Market, we encountered a religion parade. Can’t be sure what they are celebrating as I couldn’t remember clearly what the cab driver said as the entire scene was loud with the drum hitting and all. But I think it the 10th anniversary celebration of a temple based on the wording of the printed board in front of the vehicle in the picture.


*ouch* I wonder how these performers inside carry the weight of the “mascots”.


According to the cab driver, we were five minutes early or else we will be stuck in the parade. But thankfully, our cab driver knew the way around and he managed to get into small alleyways and avoided the crowd.


And we had finally arrived at the famous Jiufen Market!

Sister was craving for some tapioca balls dessert, so we sought recommendations from our cab driver. He recommended two stalls but I only remembered one of the names as that was the stall we visited. xD



It was 赖阿婆 which we visited. It is located towards the end of Jiufen Market. It is easy to spot as the owners hung a lot of lanterns with their branding. 赖阿婆 serves various flavors of tapioca balls – sweet potatoes, taro, great burdock and matcha.



The balls were soft and chewy, definitely the best that I had so far. However, both Sister and I agreed that the soup was too sweet for our liking. We left the shop immediately after we finished our dessert as there were some other patrons waiting for tables.


Puppies are common in Taipei. You would see a lot of them in markets or shopping streets and they were mostly owned by the stall owners in the area. This puppy was one of them which we encountered.


You will come to this scenery at the end of Jiufen Market. It was not a clear day but it was nice looking at the mountains, inhaling the fresh air.


Us welfie with the beautiful scenery!

It only took us less than an hour and a half to finish touring Jiufen Market, which was a surprise to me as most of my friends stayed in the market for a couple of hours. Gosh! We must be weirdos. LOL!




I can’t remember how much this was but I think it was about NT$10 each. If you ask me if I like this 卤肉包, I am sad to say that I prefer the steamed buns that we have here at Sing U Me. But I am sure that there are good ones out there but I just didn’t try the right ones.


Some ice-cream dessert wrapped in popiah skin, if I am not mistaken.

Anyways, this practically sums up my entry on Jiufen Market. Coming up next on Travelogue would be Pingxi for sky lantern experience.

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