Baking #71: Honey White Bread

Just came back from dinner with Kaylie not long ago. It has been a long day today with lots of errands running and I am feeling sleepy as I am typing this. Gonna hit the sack once I am done with this. So, let’s finish this so that I could get my sleep, shall we? xD

Anyways, I baked a loaf of Honey White Bread yesterday evening before going to bed so that I could have fresh home baked bread for breakfast this morning. All I need to do is dump all necessary ingredients into the bread pan and press on the right mode. And voila, you will have a loaf of home baked bread in a couple of hours.

I had also baked a loaf of Whole Wheat Honey Bread the other day for my colleagues and they said the bread was too sweet. LOL!


Honey White Bread 750g (adapted from 跟爱和自由一起玩转面包机)


  • 214g water, room temperature
  • 75g honey
  • 30g unsalted butter
  • 375g bread flour
  • 11g milk powder
  • 6g salt
  • 6g instant dry yeast


  1. Measure all ingredients in advance with measuring cups and spoons.
  2. Remove the bread pan from the bread machine and install collapsible paddle.
  3. Place and pile up all the ingredients in the same order as above (water, honey, butter, bread flour, milk powder, salt and instant dry yeast).
  4. Wipe spillage outside the bread pan, if any.
  5. Return bread pan into the bread machine and close the lid.
  6. Choose setting (Basic – Normal) and press START.
  7. Wait for bread machine to finish all cycles before removing the bread pan from the bread machine.
  8. Leave bread loaf to cool on a cooling rack prior to slicing.


So, this was how my Honey White Bread looked on the inside after slicing. The bread was soft and fluffy. However, the crust was a little bit hard and chewy at the same time. This is probably the downside of home baked bread with bread machine. You get a hard and chewy crust rather than a soft crust like the bread which you buy from your local bakery.

The bread was a little bit sweet for me due to the honey. Not advisable to spread the bread with jam but butter would be nice. I am gonna consider reducing the quantity when attempting this recipe again next time. I managed to get neatly sliced bread this time round as I had bought a bread slicer rack. That way you can get the thickness you want for your bread/toast.


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