Review: Baristas by Modesto

I took a day off from work last Tuesday as I needed to get my parents’ SIM card changed. I just bought them a new mobile phone and the current SIM card doesn’t seem to work well with the phone. It has a high possibility that the low reception was due to the location of our house.

Much to my surprise, the SIM card which Mom had been using was running on 2G. No wonder the phone could not detect much reception when it stays at home but full bar when I brought it to work with me. The phone problem is all settled now.

Anyways, let’s not get sidetracked and get back to our intended topic for today, shall we?


Looks classy, isn’t it?

The restaurant is spacious in my opinion. If you walk further into the restaurant, there is Dapur Penyet located inside. Basically, all the restaurants there are linked together.


Pasta Ala Carbon | B$10.90

Kaylie’s choice of dinner for the night. Her choice of pasta was Penne. I personally believed that carbonara pairs well with Linguine compared to other types of pasta. The pasta comes with generous portion of beef rashes. According to Kaylie, the pasta was okay but the sauce was a little bit on the salty side though.


Chicken Lasagna | B$9.90

Specially requested chicken for my lasagna since I do not consume beef. The lasagna was topped with an extremely generous portion of cheese. I was surprised to see mushrooms in the lasagna. But it’s okay, mushroom is my best friend. LOL! This was a filling dish but I find the pasta sauce to be rather too salty for my liking.

Verdict: The restaurant has a good ambiance with comfortable seating. Customer service was okay in my opinion. I remembered Jia telling me that she had been to Baristas by Modesto and she preferred the main branch in Batu Bersurat more than this.

If I was not mistaken, I think it was both food and customer service which she was not impressed of. But both Kaylie and I agreed that the customer service is okay as there were only the two of time dining at the time of arrival. So, the staff were able to fully focus on us. But in terms of their food quality, I do strongly suggest that they reduce the amount of salts used in their food dishes.

8 thoughts on “Review: Baristas by Modesto

  1. I was eagerly wanna dine there last time but i wasn’t craving for some pastas during that time. I love the place. So classy and elegant ❤

    • To be honest, I find the menu to be rather limited for me as most of their dishes were cooked with beef. I don’t consume beef, so yeah.

      A friend of mine had been there and she was pretty disappointed with the food and customer service. So, opinions and reviews are pretty subjective. It depends on when you were there.

      Oh yeah … A colleague of mine tried Rovansil the other day and he was very disappointed with the food. But my friend mentioned that their Chicken Pot Pie was good. I haven’t try it for myself yet but if my colleague said it wasn’t good, it might be the same for me too.

  2. Chicken Pot Pie? Basically chicken pie in a pot right? Can’t imagine it tbh lol. I wanna try their simple dishes like maybe buttermilk chicken or fried rice :3

    • Yeah … And probably the kind that comes with a flaky pastry crust? My colleague previously tried their Claypot Chicken. According to him, it was only rice in a claypot and then some cooked marinated chicken wings on top of the rice.

      The claypot with the ingredients inside wasn’t cooked over a fire. It is just like a normal rice dish but served in a claypot instead of a plate. I saw that they have quite a unique dessert menu. I remembered seeing from someone’s Instagram that they have Green Tea Lava. But according to my other friend, it wasn’t available on the day when she was there.

      But so far, the only tempting Green Tea Lava which I had seen was the one from Belluno. I wanted to go Belluno but then road accessibility was blocked from the highway, So, have to go in from the kampung roads.

  3. Wow Green Tea Lava! That sounds interesting. Wanna try it if i go there lol. Is Belluno cafe the one at Qlap mall right?

    • Nope … The one in Seri Qlap Mall is Bello Cafe. Belluno Cafe is located behind Baiduri Bank in Kiarong.

      Have you ever tried V’s Cafe & Restaurant? Do check their Instagram. Their desserts were created with the theme of potted plants. Looked interesting. Thinking of trying the place during weekday since they are closed on Sunday and 6PM on every business day.

      Tried Peppermint Cafe already? Their food and portion are good but not sure if they have improved the speed of their food serving time.

  4. What is their Instagram? Will check it up :3 Nope i haven’t try Peppermint cafe yet. Not a Beribi person lol >.< But i hopefully i could go to Ikura Sushi Restaurant at Central Gadong, because i want to 😀

    • Their Instagram is V’s Cafe & Restaurant. They called it Plant Cake, I mean their desserts.

      Do you frequent Starbucks in Beribi? Peppermint Cafe is located there, just across Progresif Cellular and the same building as Courts Furniture.

      I had not been to Ikura Sushi for a long time too. Wonder if they have addition to their menu.

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