Review: Hippo & Bees

After my cheese overload dinner at Baristas by Modesto (review coming up soon) with Kaylie last Tuesday evening, I decided to try Hippo & Bees myself since Kaylie finds the ice-cream slightly overrated and the price was steep. But let me show you all the pictures before I proceed with my verdicts on the ice-cream.


Hippo & Bees is located in between Twinkle Pan and Baristas by Modesto in the Food Arena of Seri Qlap Mall. It is located just right in front of the side entrance of the complex. I had initially thought that Hippo & Bees is an overseas franchise business but it turned out to be a locally owned franchise based on an article which I read from The Brunei Times.


What’s so special about this ice-cream as compared to the ones sold across Brunei is that the ones served at Hippo & Bees are organic. I liked that they have this board whereby it shows the patrons the different types of toppings available for their ice-cream.

Unfortunately, they only have one standard ice-cream flavor at the moment, which is vanilla. I wonder if they are gonna introduce more flavors in the near future.


Honeycomb | B$4.00

This was what I had the other day. I chose Honeycomb topping as that is their unique product. My ice-cream was drizzled with honey and accompanied with two pieces of honeycombs.

But anyways, let’s start talking about the ice-cream first. I like the texture of the ice-cream, it was extremely smooth. But unfortunately, I find the ice-cream to be too milky and sweet for my taste bud to tolerate. You can try eating up the entire honeycomb but be warned that it is gonna be extremely sweet.

Price is definitely steep but I guess one could indulge themselves with when they are having a sweet tooth. But I don’t think I will be giving it another try in a short period of time, probably the next time when I am craving for ice-cream.

Hippo & Bees
L1/18, Ground Floor,
Food Arena,
Seri Qlap Mall,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2237771


2 thoughts on “Review: Hippo & Bees

  1. I feel like wanna try it again after reading this. That honey drizzled over the ice cream *Q* Did you eat the honey comb as well?

    • Hahaha … If you like milky and creamy texture, you would love it. But I don’t think I will return in a short period of time. The ice-cream was too sweet for me. But if I were to return, I think I will try the other toppings, maybe Red Velvet.

      I did not eat the honeycomb coz it was TOO SWEET! I tried but gave up. I don’t wanna risk another tooth decay. Kinda scared of my regular visits to the dentist lately. LOL!

      And there was this black stain on the honeycomb which I don’t know if it had been there before the honeycomb was extracted or some insects which got into in.

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