Day 2/11 – Keelung Miaokou Night Market

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back today with the final blog entry of my second day out of the 11 days holiday. After both Sister and I were done with our sky lantern experience at Pingxi, our hired cab driver for the day dropped us off at Keelung Miaokou Night Market and that marked the end of his service for the day.

We sought his professional recommendation on which night market that we should visit as we did not stay in Taipei for too long, only two nights to be precise. So, we needed to make use of the two nights effectively and visit the right night market. A lot of my friends who had been to Taipei highly recommended me Shilin Market but both Sister and I find it too commercial.

Most importantly, the cab driver did told us that the price of the food sold in Shilin Market is more expensive than in other markets. So, he recommended us Keelong Miakou instead since it also has a lot of food varieties and cheaper.


The walking aisle of Keelung Miaokou Night Market with the signature lanterns along the way. Our cab driver dropped us off at the entrance and we paid him NT$3500 for his nine hours service. The normal rate for 8 hours service is NT$3300 and extra hour is charged by NT$500 per hour. So, he was nice enough to give us discounts!


Our first food stop is this stall selling light snack in sticks. I can’t remember how much they are per stick. Some are NT$10 each and NT$30 each. I had the famous Taiwan light snack – 大肠包小肠, in which I find nothing special about it. So, no rave from me about it. LOL!


Second stop is this stall selling Oyster Omelette, in which it is known as 蚵仔煎 in Chinese. I can’t remember how much it was for a portion but I think it was about NT$45. We also have 蚵仔煎 in Malaysia and Singapore but they are different compared to the ones in Taiwan. The ones we have in Malaysia and Singapore were drier but crispy.


But the ones in Taiwan are sticky and laden with generous amount of sauce. If you are not huge for starchy food, Taiwanese 蚵仔煎 is definitely not your cup of tea. Before I went Taipei, my colleague did mentioned to me that Taiwanese 蚵仔煎 is starchy. 

Albeit knowing the fact, I still try it once for myself for the sake of blogging and decided that I will not try it for the second time. Starchy food is definitely not my cup of tea. LOL!


Look at the amount of fresh oysters! Took this picture as we were seated just next to these oysters. LOL!


卤肉饭 | NT$20

We decided to have an impromptu final round of food before we head back to the hotel. I did not take a picture of this with my camera, so I copied the picture in which Sister uploaded onto her WeChat. Hence, the blurry image.

Of all the Taiwanese food which I had tried while in Taipei, I guess this 卤肉饭 and Taiwanese sausage (香肠) were what I love the most. I wanna try Stinky Tofu but not daring enough. According to my colleague, the best Stinky Tofu are the ones in Fengjia Night Market, which is a few hours drive from Taipei.

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