Of Random Things #59 – Taipei

I had previously did a Of Random Things #53 – Shanghai covering all the miscellaneous pictures in which I could not dedicate individual blog entries for them. So, I am gonna do the same thing this time round covering on the miscellaneous pictures which I had taken while in Taipei and most of them were of food!


This is the name card of our hired cab driver in which I had been mentioning of in my previous few blog entries. His name is 阿力, pronounced as A Li in English. The number on top of the name card is the general line number of the taxi service company.

However, if you want him to be in your service while in Taipei, you have to contact him via +886-981-902-567. Free WiFi is available in the car. Airport transfer is NT$800 per journey, which is more cheaper than if you hail a cab from the roadside.

But it also depends on the location of the pickup. We were staying at Westgate Hotel, Ximending. So, the taxi cost from Westgate Hotel to Taoyuan International Airport is approximately NT$1000. So, hiring 阿力 to send us to the airport is definitely cheaper.


On our last day in Taipei, both Sister and I headed to Party World, which is located right across the street from Westgate Hotel. According to the receptionist at the hotel, Party World is a 24 hours service upscale karaoke lounge. Price is definitely more expensive compared to the other KTV lounge around Ximending but still cheaper than in Shanghai.


The design of the karaoke room is almost similar like one of the karaoke lounges in Miri in which I could not remember the name. The only difference is that the karaoke room in Play World comes with ensuite washrooms.

All the karaoke packages require you to have a minimum food spending unless you go for their buffet, if I am not mistaken. The minimum food spending per person is NT$69


Taiwanese Sausage


Pork Porridge

I am not a huge fan for porridge but this is one of the best that I had eaten so far. It was smooth and the taste was just perfect. It was cooked with small pork cutlets and the meat were tender. Topped with sliced dough fritters and spring onion.


Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream, drizzled with some chocolate sauce. Nothing much to shout about as we both agreed that the Chocolate Brownie was dry and over baked.


After our three hours karaoke session at Party World, both Sister and I took the metro to Taipei 101 for the famous 101 building. This was my best picture of the building. xD


Hello Kitty merchandises at Taoyuan International Airport!


Hello Kitty self check-in kiosks, only applicable for passengers flying with Hello Kitty Jet.


As some of you may have known, I had intentionally chose to fly with Eva Air from Hong Kong to Taipei as I thought these flights will be flying with Hello Kitty Jet. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that the check-in staff issued me regular Eva Air boarding pass. *sigh*

One of the customer service staffs approached me and asked if there was anything wrong and I asked aren’t all Hong Kong to Taipei flights are with Hello Kitty Jet. The staff kindly told me that Hello Kitty Jet is only for 9:00p.m. flight from Hong Kong to Taipei.

This entry marks the end of my Taipei travelogue. Review on Westgate Hotel will be coming up soon. It will not be a thorough review as I did not manage to take a lot of the room pictures as we arrived extremely late in the night and was too hungry. We ended up looking for dinner near 1:00a.m. in the morning as the in-flight meal provided by Eva Air was awful.

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