Of Random Things #60

Nothing much to share on today’s blog entry apart from the breakfast which I had a couple of days ago and the Blueberry Yogurt Muffins which I baked.


My breakfast usually consisted of what there is on the dining table and a cup of black coffee which Mom makes every morning. If Mom isn’t home, Dad will then take over the responsibility until Mom returns. But of course, quality varies. Dad’s version is sour at times. LOL!

What’s so special about this picture is that did you notice that the bun is pink in color? I wonder what did the baker added to the dough that it turns pink in color. Could it be sweet potatoes or beetroot paste?


It has Char Siu filling on the inside. What’s different between this bun and the other Char Siu Buns that I previously had was that the baker added some ginger strips into the Char Siu filling to eliminate the raw taste of pork.


Blueberry Yogurt Muffins (adapted from SiuKitchen)

The mood for baking had returned so I bought two packs of Blueberry Yogurt since I still had two packets of fresh blueberries inside the fridge. I had intended to give these Blueberry Yogurt Muffins to Jennifer but then they were not up to my expectation in terms of appearance and presentation. So, decided to leave it at home for own consumption. Don’t wanna 丢人现眼. LOL!


Decided to use all-purpose flour this time round as stated in the original recipe to try out the texture as I normally use cake flour. The texture was soft and fluffy in within a couple of hours after baked but turned slightly denser the next morning.

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