Of Random Things #61

My Sunday today has not been productive at all. I came home late yesterday evening as I went out with a friend for my caffeine fix right after I finished work. Drove to Starbucks Coffee at Beribi as it is the only Starbucks Coffee in Brunei whereby it is open till late. The one at Mabohai Complex closes at 10:00p.m. in the evening.

I had Cafe Latte, in which I find it not as bitter as I would like it to be. The Cafe Latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is way better. There was another day when I went Starbucks Coffee with my colleagues whereby I ordered Green Tea Latte and specifically requested to reduce the sugar syrup by one pump. Unfortunately, the staff did not follow my request and it tasted like it was made with the original amount of sugar syrup. *sigh*

Anyways, Dad and I had initially planned to cross border to Limbang this morning as he needed to use my car to go Limbang for his passport renewal next week. So, we had to purposely drove the car to cross border so that I could renew the vehicle’s entry pass. It turned out that it was only me who crossed border in the end as Dad realized that his passport is no longer valid for more than 6 months.

We feared that he is unable to enter Brunei anymore after we crossed border. So, it was only me who crossed the border and I was stuck in the traffic for more than half an hour. Unfortunately for me, the air-cond in the car is not functioning properly as it was already short of gas and the weather was super hot to the extent that I needed to tie my hair into a ponytail.

Supposed to have high tea with Kaylie in the afternoon but she cancelled it as she has family commitment on the last minute. So, I spent the rest of the afternoon watching the drama series which I had been downloading. Gonna wake up early tomorrow to try making Ham & Cheese Breakfast Cup tomorrow. Intended to make it this morning but I was too tired to wake up.

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