Review: Anjung Saujana Restaurant & Catering

It feels so good playing with the notebook on bed with the earphones plugged onto the ears listening to some of the latest songs. LOL!

Anyways, Kaylie and I met up for dinner yesterday evening after work to make up for last Sunday when she stood me up for a caffeine fix. We intended to have dinner at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Brunei International Airport but then Kaylie felt like splurging a little on fancy food. So, we headed for Anjung Saujana Restaurant & Catering, which is located on the departure hall.


When Kaylie mentioned that she felt like trying Anjung Saujana, my first reaction was they do not serve ala carte but buffet only. But it turned out that they do serve ala carte and buffet dinner is only available on weekends.


Spacious with comfortable seating. Makes an ideal location for birthday celebration or perhaps reunion gathering with families and friends?


Pesto | B$9.50

My dinner for yesterday evening. Super love their Pesto albeit it was slightly oily for my liking. For their pasta menu, they have three choices of pasta – spaghetti, fettuccine and tortiglioni. I chose mine with fettuccine pasta.

The pasta was cooked al dente, tossed with generous amount of pesto sauce and olive oil but minimal portion of button mushrooms. In terms of flavor and seasoning, it was perfectly done. I would not mind ordering the same thing again if I were to eat at Anjung Saujana next time. If you are a huge fan of Pesto like me, do try this.


Chicken Chop | B$13.90

Kaylie’s dinner, which took quite some time to be served. Approximately 25 minutes after we had ordered. I was almost finishing my Pesto when this arrived. This is basically grilled boneless chicken thigh topped with mushroom sauce and side dishes of creamy mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

I loved the mushroom sauce. It was creamy and flavorful but too salty for me. The mashed potatoes were good too. The texture was not entirely smooth but it was good enough and seasoned well. The chicken was grilled to perfection. It was not dry at all but juicy and tender.


Can’t remember what this was called as Kaylie ordered it from Cilantro to feed the hungry baby inside her. This is not something which I would recommend ordering after seeing her having a hard time slicing the puff open. LOL! It was too dry that the puff kept on “flying” off the plate whenever she tried to slice the puff open.

Verdict: All in all, both Kaylie and I agreed that the food were good albeit being a little bit salty for our liking. Customer service is okay but food might have taken a longer time to serve than necessary. Pricing wise, I think they are similar with the restaurants in town. I am considering returning next time to try their international buffet.

Anjung Saujana Restaurant & Catering
Ground Floor,
Level One,
Brunei International Airport,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2331853


6 thoughts on “Review: Anjung Saujana Restaurant & Catering

  1. I once had a lunch buffet there. It’s alright imo. I think i like their desserts better than the main dishes :3

    • Hmm … I did not try their dessert though. Are the desserts from Cilantro?

      I am thinking of trying their international buffet next time. It was previously Singapore themed but I wondered if they still have this theme.

  2. Last time it’s kind of Malay themed cuisine. I think their desserts like the kueh batik was from the shop just nearby which i forgot the name. The main dishes were not that bad but kinda tasted bland. The desserts were nice tho (y)

    • I think the shop which you mentioned was Cilantro. Cilantro is just located next to Anjung Saujana and I think all desserts and beverages came from there.

      Hmm …. Bland? While my friend and I thought that it was way too salty. LOL! I see that they have high tea buffet but I wondered if it is worth the price or not. I had previously tried the high tea buffet at EMPIRE Hotel but I find it to be average only.

  3. Wow i wanna have a high tea buffet at Emipre hotel! Do you know how much is the price? Lol not that i’m planning to go there any sooner though haha. Just curious. Because i love their sandwiches :9

    • The last time I was there, it was B$30 for two. But there was an additional 10% service charge on top of the B$30. So, the final price was B$33.

      If you intend to try out their high tea buffet, I do not recommend that you walk in as I tried once before and the receptionist told me they were fully booked. So, I ended up at ZEST. Best to call in for reservation like a week or two before.

      They only serve high tea buffet on weekends and public holiday, if I am not mistaken. On normal weekdays, they serve traditional high tea on those three tiers plates. I think it may be something which you are gonna like if you fancy traditional English high tea that comes with scones and others.

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