12052015 / Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, BIA

After our filling dinner at Anjung Saujana Restaurant & Catering, both Kaylie and I walked around the departure hall before heading towards Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for our caffeine fix. I had been craving for coffee since last week.

I had my caffeine fix last Saturday evening at Starbucks Coffee but it was not enough. Probably the coffee was not made to my expectation hence I kept on craving for more. Rather than having my usual Cafe Latte from CBTL, I had my favorite Ice Blended White Chocolate Dream Latte. It had been a long time since I last had this.


Ice Blended White Chocolate Dream Latte | B$6.20

It is never complete without having whipping cream for this drink. Whenever the Cashier asks me if I would like whipping cream for my drink, I would definitely say yes albeit I do not eat the whipping cream anymore. LOL!


Apple Tart | B$3.30

I am not a huge fan of tart but this was good enough that I was able to finish the entire thing. The crust was not buttery hence it did not make me feel sick albeit I finished the entire piece. The Apple Tart was dusted with some icing sugar for decoration purpose but could do without as it makes the tart even sweeter.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Ground Floor,
Level One,
Brunei International Airport,
Brunei Darussalam

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