17052015 / Another Cafe, Kiulap

So when I found out that Another Cafe had opened a new branch in town, I invited Kaylie to join me for breakfast yesterday morning. We agreed to meet at Another Cafe, Bandar around 8:30a.m. in the morning but I was running a bit late from the baking of Betty Crocker Chocolate Chips Muffins for her and everyone seems to be fighting for the bathroom with me when I am in a hurry to shower.

Arrived Bandar a few minutes after 9:00a.m. in the morning. I decided to try my luck around the area nearby to Another Cafe, Bandar and found out that it was not open when I drove pass by. Thank goodness that I did not park my car in the basement of Yayasan Complex or else I would be pissed off when finding out that it is not open after all the walking. Parked my car at PGGMB and asked Kaylie to meet me there and I will drive the both of us to the main branch in Kiulap.

There was no other patron at Another Cafe, Kiulap when we entered the cafe. It was either that we were the first patron of the day or the previous patrons had left. Quite impressed with the decorations in the cafe. Unique and yet rustic feel at the same time.


Menu order forms hanging on the wall for patrons to choose what they want to order from the menu before passing them back to the waiter/waitress.


Isn’t the decoration nice?


Latte | B$5.00


Caramel Macchiato | B$6.50

My choice of caffeine drink to go with my breakfast. Both Kaylie and I were super impressed with the floral design on my Caramel Macchiato. The flower stayed intact without the slightest ruining even when I had finishing my entire cup of coffee.


Chicken Pie | B$5.50


Grilled Chicken Panini | B$7.50

My choice of breakfast. I thought Panini is something nice but it turned out that Panini is hard and dry when grilled. I should have stick with sandwich instead. Fillings were good with generous portion of salads but I think they went heavy with the black pepper.

Another Cafe
No. 2, Block A,
Bangunan Haji Abdul Rahman,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2233593

18 thoughts on “17052015 / Another Cafe, Kiulap

  1. I only went there once and i tried their panini sandwiches. It’s good. Do they have a wifi there? I couldn’t recall :3

    • I didn’t really like Panini and they turned out to be dry and hard after grilled. I think I preferred Grilled Sandwiches more than Panini. LOL!

      They do have WiFi but my phone could not access to it and I did not bother to ask why.

  2. Is it? May i know what is the grilled sandwiches contains?
    This is an off topic but do you know any cafes with a good wifi in Kiulap? Lol i’ve been looking so hard tbh and many of them are slow as heck x'(

    • I had never tried their Grilled Sandwich but I think they do have Tuna and Chicken.

      Hmm … I don’t think I could be of much help on the WiFi part as I rarely ask for WiFi nowadays. Ever since TelBru implemented the new charges policy, the Internet in cafes was slower than before and some were even non-existent.

      Last time I tried Starbucks Coffee, I could not even get into the access. The strongest WiFi which I had used is probably at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Brunei International Airport.

  3. Yeah ever since the new implementation made by TelBru, i noticed most cafes with WiFi have a very bad internet connection. Wow my friend also did recommend me CB. Not my type of cafe but maybe i shall go for the sake of internet lol xD I miss downloading some stuffs </3

    • Sorry for the late reply. I had actually typed out my reply few days ago but always get into the middle of something later. So, the reply ended not seeing the daylight. LOL!

      Yeah, most cafes ended up with slow Internet when patrons used up their quota for the month unless they subscribed for the unlimited plan. I myself subscribed for 200GB but always ended up not able to use up the limit. So, I am trying to download as much as I could to make my money worth. LOL!

      Isn’t it downloading with WiFi slow? What do you usually download? Drama series?

  4. It’s alright don’t worry. I wasn’t expecting another reply from you actually xD lol. Woah mind me to leech off your internet for free? Hahaha just kidding. How much is the price for 200GB subscription? I’m not sure with our internet at home but i think it’s only 55GB. I think we just reached the limit quota for this month June >.< LOL it's only the first week of June! xD Yikes i wish we could subscribe it to the unlimited one. The price tho </3 Yeah i usually like to download drama series, so i'm guilty as charged for being the most internet heavy user in the house x)

    • It is $79 per month for 200GB with 5MB speed subscription. To be honest, I am actually not allowed to subscribe for 5MB but then it was the quota limit which I wanted. So, they made me sign off an agreement whereby if I decided to downgrade to 3.5MB in the near future, I would have to pay $50 for processing fee.

      My house area can only support up to 3.5MB actually but my downloading speed can reach up to about 620kbps, depending on the seeds. But most of the time, they stayed around 595kbps. So, I am fine with 5MB speed. If the reception in the area is strong, 5MB can reach about 800kbps speed. But I think it is mostly for areas in town whereby they are using fiber optic cables rather than copper.

      You don’t have to subscribe for the unlimited one. I think 3.5MB will do as it will give you 150GB limit quota. Subscription fee is $55. How many of you are using the Internet at home? If there are a lot of you, 45GB is definitely not enough. I have a friend whose household has around three persons using the Internet. They are like you, Internet ran out in within the first week. As long as one user downloads, Internet flies by very quickly.

      The last time when I was still using 45GB, I used up half of the quota limit in within the first week. And that was minimal download too. LOL!

  5. About eight people in the house use the internet including me. I guess 45GB is not enough eh? xD

    I’m now thinking of going to Gong Cha Serusop later to utilizie their wifi. I hope it’s good. Lol i’ve been flocking from numerous cafes to cafes, in searching the stable internet. I guess i would try CB as what you’ve suggested. Thanks! I’m not really crazy now about watching dramas but knowing that Asia Torrent website forum is now allowing their users to free leach on all torrents in conjunction of their 10th anniversary, i couldn’t help but grabbing up the chance lol! >.<

    • 8??!!! That was a lot. 45GB is definitely not enough. I wonder if 150GB is enough if you guys are a hardcore downloader. LOL!

      Gong Cha mentioned that they have the fastest Internet in town last time but one of the users commented that the Internet speed was so so only.

      You need to pay for downloading from Asia Torrent? I am always downloading from Chinese website as I don’t really like Torrent website. With Chinese website, you don’t have to wait for seeds as the drama series were uploaded as files, just like megaupload. So, the speed depends on your Internet.

  6. Hahaha don’t worry i’m the only one who’s a hardcore downloader xD Yea wish the internet at home subscribes to a much more higher GB. But i can’t say anything because it’s not mine :p It’s alright though im fine with it.

    Gong Cha Serusop was so fast! I even had to visit the second time the next day when i first visited there lol. The speed was really good like it’s over 500+ kbs when i was torrenting. Definitely gonna come again this week hehehe. And i find it reasonable how they credit for 1 single receipt = 3 hours of internet wifi usage 🙂

    Nope you dont have to pay for Asiatorrents but im sure like other torrent forum webs, the users need to accumulate seeds point which need to be converted to upload ratio, in order to balance the upload/download ratio. Or else you would be labelled as leecher and might be banned from the forum. Thank god this time for their 10th year anniversary, you dont have to worry of seeding back the torrents you download because it’s not required for the time being (the deadline is 17 June). So i need to take this golden opportunity to download as many as i could xD I have a bad ratio balance anyway 😡 Why not grab this chance lol.

    But honestly yea i do really prefer to download dramas, the ones which are direct download than torrent. Torrent could be a hassle since you need enough peers/seeds to download the drama. The lesser the seeds/peers, the slower the download speed of the torrent. It’s just that in Asiatorrent, many of them have very high quality videos files which i like hehe.

    Sorry for the long comment. I sounds like a freak here lol.

    • Hahaha … It kinda make me tempted to try the Internet speed at Gong Cha now that you said that it was fast. Do they provide electric sockets for notebooks? I don’t usually go Gong Cha in Serusop as I find parking space limited.

      Hahaha … I can’t really understand what you meant by the leeching thing and stuffs as I usually download from a Chinese website whereby it will download on it’s own into your computer as you stream the drama. And I am now using another downloading software whereby it is basically like downloading off Megaupload kind of downloading.

  7. Yup there are adequate number of sockets available. Yea the limited parking space is a problem though. Last time the parking lot was fully packed and funny thing there were not really many customers in the cafe lol. I wonder where they came from? They have some selection of magazines and newspaper. The place is so cozy and nice. It’s worth a try ❤ Next time i will try CB hehe.

    It's alright. I don't really understand the torrent stuff that much lol. I actually also the same like you prefer to direct download series. May i know what is the Chinese website you download from? I like to download from MyAsianTV and Dorama x264. The former one has a much more newer dramas and high qualities though and the latter one has almost everything complete from the old ones to the new ones :3

    • Most of the vehicles belong to the tenants of the offices above Gong Cha. Most of the occupied lots are offices. Hmm … I have never tried staying at Gong Cha for a drink. Most of the time it is just order for takeaway. Is the cozy area which you mentioned is above the ordering floor?

      I download from http://www.tw116.com but you need to know how to read Chinese before you could download from the website as the website is written in Chinese and all subtitles for Korean and Japanese dramas are in Chinese as well.

  8. Yup it is above the ordering floor. My latest fav is Gong Cha Milk Chocolate btw! :9 And i like their Alisan tea ❤

    Oh it's totally in Chinese. Sorry i can't read it xD

    • My all time favorite from Gong Cha is their Gong Cha Milk Matcha. I always order the same thing everytime.

      Do you know that there is a new Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in Citis Square? It is located across Fish & Co.

  9. What is the name of the Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant? Frankly i have yet to visit a Teppanyaki restaurant tbh. Although i wanna try Misato Teppanyaki @ Mabohai. What do you recommend at a Teppanyaki restaurant?

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