Little Updates …

Aloha! Can’t believe that this blog has been on a hiatus mode for nearly two months! I guess this had been the longest hiatus by far. I have not been trying much new skincare products or trying our new eateries in town. Hence the lack of updates.

Reason for the latter was because I had been trying to shed some body weight. I had experienced aches on my right heel for more than three months. The ache is still bothering me at the moment but it is more serious when I wake up in the morning. At first, my colleague thought that I could be suffering from high level of uric acid in my body. So, I cut down on meat and started taking some supplements. I did not bother to go for full body checkup as I know my statistics would be high on every health aspects.

The second possibility to my heel pain could be due to my weight. So, I started dieting roughly about two months ago by taking dieting supplements including drinking fibre twice a day which helped me in body detoxing. I went to one of the doctors in town and he confirmed that I do not have high level of uric acid in my body and the aches which I had been feeling were definitely not gaut attacks. Thank goodness!

Everything has been on the favorable side so far. I managed to shed off about 17 pounds in within two months time. Quite a few of my colleagues had been asking me what have I been eating to lose so much fats in within a short time. For those of you who know me in real person, you would know how bulging my tummy used to be. LOL! But the size of my tummy had now shrunk by half. LOL!

Apart from taking fibre twice a day which helps me in detoxing, I had also controlled my food intake tremendously. I think that helped the most as my face feature had sharpened like a week after my controlled food intake. You may not notice the difference but those people surrounding you would notice it.


So, this was Jia and I at Phong Mun Restaurant last Sunday for breakfast. An advanced birthday celebration for her and belated birthday celebration for Eldie.


Eldie & I

I am still trying to lose the double chin fats but I guess it is gonna take some more time. As mentioned previously, quite a lot of my friends and colleagues had been asking what did I do or take to lose so much in such a short time.

For the first month of my dieting, I eat mostly blanched vegetables for breakfast, rice with vegetables and meat for lunch and no rice for dinner but vegetables with some meat. I would avoid wheat products nowadays as I am a wheat intolerant. I used to know since before but I did not give a toss about it until I realized that wheat had been making me bloated recently.

Avoid food with high level of sugar and calories, especially desserts, pastries, cheese and chocolates. I used to be a Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Gloria Jeans Coffee person but I don’t anymore as these beverages come with high calories!

So, I guess this sums up for my today’s post. I will try to update as often as I could from now onwards. So, do stay tune!


10 thoughts on “Little Updates …

  1. You’re back! I miss reading your blog posts especially on foods lol. Goodluck on your weight loss journey. I am in the same boat as well 😀

    • Hahaha … I am back for a short while. Honestly, I didn’t know what to blog about anymore after stopping like two months or so.

      Losing weight is so hard especially when there are lots of food in which you feel like trying. I am missing out some of the new eateries in town. Luckily, there aren’t much recently.

      Have you tried the newest bakery in town by Wu Chun? I think the cafe will be opened by this month.

      I had tried their bread, so damn nice. Wanna buy some again but the crowd kinda puts me off. It was my colleague who bought some for me to try the other day.

  2. Nope i haven’t got to try it but i went there the second day after the opening! It’s too crowded and almost the breads and pastries were out of stock >.< Talking about the cafe, it's at the second floor right? Definitely im gonna go there next time again. The breads and pastries look very delicious when i saw them at Instagram.

    Is it really true not much any new eateries in the town lately? I am sure there's always new place to eat which i have never heard of yet xD

    • Yeah … The bread and pastries ran out fast. I had tried a couple of their buns (all thanks to my colleagues). They were good! Soft and they don’t stick onto your teeth. Some did that. And the bread doesn’t make you feel bloated even if you have a lot.

      What is that Instagram account name? I still couldn’t find it. Their Facebook page is not updated. At least for Brunei’s.

      I don’t think there are much new eateries in town, at least not that I had heard of. But there is one new restaurant for Malaysian food at PGGMB building in town. I think it was called Asian Taste or Malaysian Taste.

  3. Ahh i found the pics of the bakery foods from Ranoadidas and Thanis Lim instagrams. Sorry i don’t know their official instagram >.<

    There's a new cafe called Rack and Brew at Gadong, just above the Pancake House. Love their look and food menu. I wanna go there! Have you tried it out?

    Sorry for replying late. I only get to go online properly today lol

    • I went Bake Culture about two weeks ago for their Wholemeal Toast. The crowd is starting to get lesser. I think the novelty is slowly wearing off.

      Yeah … I had heard of Rack & Brew recently through the newspaper. I was still wondering where is it located as the newspaper did not state the exact location but Abdul Razak Complex only.

      Nope … I have yet been to the cafe. I think I am gonna try someday. It’s a new concept that they have the boutique with the cafe. LOL!

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