02062015 / Bite Restaurant & Catering

Rather than doing a baking recipe food entry today, I am gonna write about a cafe in which San Diann, Clara and I tried out nearly three months ago. I think the dinner that I had at Bite was probably the last heaviest meal before I started on the diet plan. LOL!

Yeah … It is coming three months since I started dieting and I need to go on for another three months or more before I could reach my ideal weight. I had my BMI test at Fitness Zone last Sunday morning and the results were of satisfactory.

I cancelled all my fitness training for the week before last. I did not lose much weight this time round, only one kilogram. But I gained muscles and lose quite a bit of my fat percentage. My trainer said my results were good since I did not do any training for a week.

Without further ado, let us get back to what I intend to do for today …


Upon ordering, you will be given this complimentary appetizer of bun rolls and butter. The bun rolls were soft, fragrant and tasted even more superb when spread with butter. All three of us were extremely satisfied with the complimentary appetizer.


Seafood Marinara | B$15

This is an expensive pasta dish but thankfully, it was well worth the price paid. The pasta sauce was extremely flavorful. Pasta was cooked al-dente and the seafood portion was generous enough too. If you are a fan of Seafood Marinara, I would highly recommend you to try out this pasta dish.


Chicken Chips & Fries | B$8

San Diann’s choice of dinner as he didn’t know what to order since he had eaten quite a bit before he came out to meet us. The Chicken Chips & Fries came with an accompanying Sambal & Chili dipping sauce.

Most cafes would choose tartar sauce or mayonnaise as dipping sauce for fried finger foods. But this Sambal & Chili dipping sauce was good with a mild spiciness in it but I remembered that I did not like the fries as much as compared to some other fries which I had tried from other  cafes.


Pan Fried Fresh Fish | B$20

Clara’s choice of dinner. Couldn’t comment much on this as I did not try out much apart from the broth. This is quite like a fish stew to me. The broth was well flavored. According to both San Diann and Clara, the fish was well marinated in which there is no raw taste of fish when you take a bite.


Molten Lava | B$8

The highlight of the dinner was this Molten Lava dessert. As the price was steep, we decided to order one portion and shared among three. You will be given three options of ice-cream flavors – Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. We chose Vanilla as it is best paired with Molten Lava.

What’s so special about this Molten Lava is that underneath the Vanilla ice-cream is a small pool of crushed ginger biscuits. I am not a huge fan of ginger biscuits but they tasted absolutely good when paired with Vanilla ice-cream.


See the amount of thick and creamy chocolate lava oozing out when you sliced open the cake? The sweetness level of the chocolate was moderate for me. And this is definitely something in which I do not mind ordering again despite the steep price. But of course, I am not gonna eat it alone since I am on a strict diet. LOL!

I had wanted to bring Sister to try this as she loves Molten Lava very much. But unfortunately, she was down with flu and sore throat on her last day at home. So, she didn’t get to try. Next time, perhaps?

Bite Restaurant & Catering
No. 1, Ground & First Floor,
Block A, Simpang: 150,
Bangunan Habza,
Kampung Kiarong,
Mukim Gadong B, BE1518,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2235835

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