Cooking Diary #34

I think I am starting to run low of ideas on what to blog about recently. Hence, explained why I had been MIA for about two months previously until I came back for good. Looking back at my blog entries from before, I think I should get started with my backlogged blog entries of my previous holiday trip to Taipei, Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing last March.

I think I had covered on Taipei mostly. There is not much to cover on Shanghai as I did not do touristy stuff this time round since I had been to Shanghai quite a few times in within a short period of time. Anyways, I will get started on them as soon as possible. Filtering pictures will take some time as most pictures of me looked hideous back then. *not that I looked a lot better now* LOL!

Anyways, let me show you what I cooked yesterday for lunch and dinner ….


Onion Omelette

Yeah … I decided to double the portion so that it could last both Dad and I until dinner. In the end, it turned out that Dad had a dinner party to attend in the evening and I ended up having the leftovers alone. I only ate a small portion for dinner as I am currently watching my diet. Still had quite a bit of leftovers so Dad put them in the fridge for reheating the next day.

I am not a huge fan of big onions previously, especially Onion Omelette. But surprisingly, I am able to tolerate more food over the past few years. Guess my colleagues managed to train my taste bud to tolerate foods which I did not like in the first place.

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