10062015 / Surf & Turf Fusion Dining, Miri

As I was browsing through my blog media folder, I realized that I have not blogged about Surf & Turf Fusion Dining in Miri which I tried few months ago. I was in Miri for a day trip solely to run some errands for Sister. I met up with Alan in the morning and Ing in the afternoon until I am about to leave for Brunei.

Without further ado, let me show you what Ing and I had for lunch that day. The food pricing stated below were just my estimation of how much they might based on my vague recollection of how much we paid the other day.


Part of the view of Surf & Turf Fusion Dining from where I was seated.


A corner for smaller groups of patrons. Didn’t realize that Ing arm was inside the picture. LOL!


Fruit Juice | RM7.90

Can’t remember what this was called. But I remembered it being slightly sour in taste but still tasted very good. I am not a juice person but this one was good enough for me. It works well enough as a thirst quencher.


Chicken Chop | RM15.90

This was what I had the other day. The chicken chop was good. The meat was tender and juicy, not dry at all. Grilled to perfection. The mashed potatoes were creamy and smooth. Rather than the usual kind of mashed potatoes, this one was mixed with corn kernels!


Chicken Chop | RM14.90

This was what Ing ordered. We had the same chicken chops but different fillings underneath the chicken chops. Hers was poached vegetables tossed in oyster sauce.

Verdict: I could not state for certain the price of the food which we ordered as I had thrown the receipt away. The price stated above were my estimation. All in all, I liked the food served at Surf & Turf Fusion Dining and I surely do not mind returning again next time to try the others.

Surf & Turf Fusion Dining
Lot 10158, Jalan Pujut 7,
Off Jalan Pujut-Lutong,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-01119857667


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