Day 9/11 – Beijing National Stadium

Having came back from my holiday for about 6 months now, I could not be sure if I could remember the details during the holiday but I will try to remember as much as I could.

I could not remember well what we did in the morning but I think we were window shopping around Wangfujing until we took a cab from Crowne Plaza Hotel to Beijing National Stadium around 2:00p.m. in the afternoon.


So, this was part of the view of Beijing National Stadium whereby it is also known as “Bird’s Nest”. Don’t you think the shape resembles a bird nest in real life? LOL!

This was the stadium in which Summer Olympics took place in 2008. I remembered both Sister and I had also visited the Olympic Stadium of Athens “Spiros Louis” back in Christmas 2007.



We did not have lots of pictures taken of the stadium. So, these three were what we took which consisted of the “Bird’s Nest”. The rest of the pictures taken were only selfies. LOL!

Selfies ahead …

I had deleted quite a lot of my selfies and the ones posted here were what I considered as “acceptable” for public display. xD


The weather in Beijing was dry compared to Shanghai. Throughout my stay in Tianjin and Beijing, I experienced dry skin to the extent that I got cracked skin on my legs. My hair were frizzy and created quite a bit of static too.


Despite the messy hair, I love this picture as the sun rays gave my hair a nice touch of brown color. Hahaha … xD


Last selfie of myself …


So, this basically summed up my visit to Beijing National Stadium, aka “Bird’s Nest.

Coming up next – Godiva Cafe!

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