21032015 / Godiva Cafe, Beijing

It has been more than 6 months since I came home from my last holiday trip to both Taiwan and China. I visited multiple cities in within my 11 days of vacation. I was in Hong Kong (for a short transit), Taipei, Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing.

My last stop was Beijing whereby both Sister and I took the bullet train from Tianjin. We were in Tianjin for 3D2N as Sister was assigned to a work trip there. It was far more convenient to commute to Beijing from Tianjin than Shanghai. The journey from Tianjin to Beijing was about an hour and a half. If you travel to Tianjin from Shanghai, the journey could last about 4 to 6 hours with bullet train.

Anyways, I am not here to ramble about how far is Beijing from Shanghai but I am gonna do a food entry on Godiva Cafe. Both Sister and I tried one of the Godiva Cafe in Beijing while we were wandering around Xidan North Street after our Korean dinner.

To be honest, I am no big fan of chocolate but I still have my moments. Those moments were like once in a blue moon. I wasn’t having a craving back then but it was the name Godiva which tempted me to try as I heard Godiva made the best chocolate? Correct me if I am wrong but I think preferences are subjective.


巧克力火锅 | RMB150

This is basically a Chocolate Fondue but the Chinese named it as “Chocolate Hotpot”. Frankly speaking, I think this was the first time I tried Chocolate Fondue. I had always wanted to try Chocolate Fondue at Swensen’s but no one was interested in joining me.

But that was before. If you were to ask me if I am interested trying out Chocolate Fondue, I might think twice before agreeing. Just think of the calories count and I am pretty sure you will shake your head and decline the invitation. LOL!


We had Dark Chocolate Fondue. There wasn’t any small candle underneath the fondue pot. We did inquire the waitress about it. Reason being, the chocolate might “burn” under a burning fire. So, what they do is, they melt the chocolates in the kitchen and serve you a warm melted chocolate.

Verdict: All in all, I love the Chocolate Fondue from Godiva. The chocolate was rich, smooth and creamy. The ambiance was good too. We see a lot of youngsters having meet up wit friends in the cafe.

Godiva Cafe
2F-B-02 & 3F-A-11 & A-12
Grand Pacific Department Store
133 Xidan North Street,
Xicheng District,
Tel: +86-1066173590


6 thoughts on “21032015 / Godiva Cafe, Beijing

    • Gosh! Now that you asked and I did a proper currency conversion, I realized that that was a super expensive pot of dessert! It’s approximately B$34 based on the latest currency rate. But thankfully, it was well worth the money spent. xD

  1. *faints* That’s like almost half the price of the one in Swensen! Lol really. Is Godiva chocolates are generally good? Ive heard its one of the best high end chocolates. In that case, i won’t mind trying this cafe if i ever have a chance lol.

    • Yeah … I think the one from Swensen’s is about B$19 per pot. Can’t remember well as I don’t think I have tried the one from Swensen’s. The texture was super creamy and smooth. It tasted a little bit bitter and yet sweet at the same time.

      Yeah … I think you should try it out yourself if you chanced upon one while traveling. The nearest Godiva we have here are the ones in Singapore and KL. If I were to go Singapore anytime soon, I think I will try Godiva again but maybe not the fondue.

      Have you tried Max Brenner? It is good too but sweeter compared to Godiva. Max Brenner is a dessert shop selling chocolate desserts.

  2. Haha nope ive never tried any chocolate cafes abroad yet xD How coincidence just recently i knew about Max Brenner from youtube video review. I wish there’s a chocolate cafe here in Brunei :3 Or do we have any?

    • I don’t think we have any at the moment. With the population we have here in Brunei, not sure if such cafe could sustain long.

      As you can see that most of the cafes here in Brunei were “hyped” during the earlier stage of opening but the business started to slow down like two months into the business.

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