Review: Pho Hoa Restaurant Brunei

Gosh! I am such a lazy blogger. A friend had requested me to do my “write-up” of Pho Hoa Restaurant after I had tried it out but I kept on procrastinating until now. But here it is now …

The three  of us – San Diann, Clara and I planned to try Rack & Brew but decided not to when Jia told me that the cafe was kinda overrated. But I am gonna try the cafe someday to see if it really lives up to the raves on social media.


Fresh Spring Rolls | B$3.80

We ordered two versions of their spring rolls, both fresh and fried. They came with generous portion of prawns, chicken and vegetables. Best served with their dipping sauce but I liked eating them plain though. If you are looking for a less guilty or sinful appetizer, this is something you should consider.


Fried Spring Rolls | B$3.80

The other version of their spring rolls, which were deep fried. To be honest, I preferred this more than the fresh version. Who doesn’t like fried food, right? LOL!


Chicken Pho | B$5.80

The main highlight of our lunch the other day – Chicken Pho! Majority Pho dishes I came across before were served with beef. But thankfully, Pho Hoa Restaurant do serves Chicken Pho.

The noodles were cooked to perfection, neither overcooked nor under-cooked. The broth was flavorful but wee bit salty for me. But nevertheless still yummy! I like that the chicken pieces were from chicken thigh part rather than the chicken breast.

Verdict: I am impressed with both the food and customer service. Staff were polite and courteous. Food were served promptly after ordering. I like the food served at Pho Hoa Restaurant and I definitely do not mind returning.

I had never tried Pho Real at Times Square And therefore, I could not do a comparison on them both. But Pho Hoa is good enough for me when I am craving for Vietnamese cuisine.

If you are wondering the whereabouts of Pho Hoa Restaurant, it is located on the same block as Lee Loi Fatt and Aminah Arif Restaurant in Kiulap.

Pho Hoa Restaurant Brunei
Unit 6, Ground Floor,
Block B,
Bangunan Haji Abdul Rahman,
Simpang: 88, Kampung Kiulap,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2236218


18 thoughts on “Review: Pho Hoa Restaurant Brunei

  1. I think ive seen this restaurant when i passed through it but didn’t know it’s Vietnamese. In the pic of the chicken pho, i am sure it’s already been consumed right? Lol i hope it is because if it’s not, it looks really inadequate in terms of quantity for $5.80 >.<

    Off topic but i am 100% sure i saw you at the Mall last week on Monday lol. Kinda feel starstruck xD

    • Sorry to disappoint you but the picture was taken before digging in. LOL!

      But don’t worry, I am pretty sure that the portion for B$5.80 is worthwhile. My friends and I were almost full when we were only halfway through the noodles. We only had the appetizers after we finished our noodles.

      I don’t think it was me whom you saw at The Mall last Monday as I don’t remember going The Mall over the past few weeks. I think the last time I went The Mall was last month. Perhaps you saw the wrong person?

      I rarely go to The Mall unless I really needed to. I am more of a Times Square and Yayasan person. xD

  2. Will try a give to this restaurant! Ive never been to a Vietnamese restaurant before and i wanna taste their pho dish. Ohhh i must have seen the wrong person then xD Lol embarrassing >.<

    • I had also never been to a Vietnamese restaurant before this as I thought Vietnamese cuisine comes with beef. I don’t eat beef, that’s why.

      I am not sure if you had gotten the wrong person as I can’t be sure if I really didn’t go to The Mall last week. I don’t really have a good memory lately especially when I have tons of work to be done with deadline approaching. LOL!

      No harm done since you did not approach the person. Would you approach famous celebrity bloggers if you happened to see them in shopping malls? I also thought about the same question myself but I don’t think I have the guts to do so. xD

  3. I didn’t approach the person since she was with her friends. So it would be awkward for me to say hi anyway xD But i was almost so sure it’s you. Again but yea i could had seen the other wrong person xD lol. Hahaha that’s funny when you asked that because i just saw Thanis Lim last time at Rack and Brew and yea i didn’t have any guts to say hi or what lol.

    I went to Rack and Brew again for the second time yesterday and tried out their green tea matcha cheesecake and coconut cheesecake. I like the coconut cheesecake much more. Tried out their orange + pineapple + something juice too which was nice.

    • Hmm … It was definitely not me whom you saw as I rarely go out with a bunch of friends. It’s either me alone or with just one friend. LOL!

      I am gonna try out Rack & Brew tomorrow for lunch. Is there anything you recommend apart from the desserts? I heard from my friend that the coffee from Rack & Brew is a must try?

  4. I haven’t try out their other dishes but maybe you could give a try of their Egg Benedict & burgers. They look super appetizing :9 Not sure on the coffee because i’m not a fan of coffee lol. You could also give a try on their tea menu. I had Hanami tea set last time and it’s fragrant! Not bad.

    • I did try out Rack & Brew last Sunday afternoon for lunch. It was okay but not down to earth good. We tried their Orange Chicken Katsu and Chicken Pesto Crepe Lasagna.

      I was intrigued to try their Soft Shell Crab Florentine but ended up with Chicken Pesto Crepe Lasagna as I am not supposed to eat seafood in the meantime. But it sure does look good.

      Did not manage to try their desserts as we were already full from our main courses. I think I had the same juice like yours. It was good and refreshing. I do not mind returning to R&B again but to try their desserts. My friend and I were both interested to try their Green Tea Tiramisu. Have you tried that?

  5. Not down to earth good? Mind to elaborate on that one? I kinda dont get it xD Sorry yea. Yup i tried the Green Tea Tiramisu but it’s just so so. I recommend you to try their Victorian spongecake. I personally like it ❤

    • Not down to earth good as in they don’t leave me a deep impression after trying. Not something that I would want to order again. Their Pesto Chicken Crepe Lasagna was actually good enough for my liking but it is not something that you wanna eat often. Think of the carbs and calories load. LOL!

      Hmm … I will definitely try their desserts next time. I heard their signature cake is the Purple Carrot Cake. They do have the same desserts selection at Danes Cafe but I think you knew it is a non-Halal cafe. Both cafes were ran by siblings so they serve similar food.

      I see a lot of patrons trying out their Kolo Mee. You should try that next time but rather on a pricey side. B$5 for a bowl of Kolo Mee. But I am thinking of trying their Nasi Lemak Burger if I were to return again for lunch or dinner.

  6. And i might try their main dishes or side dishes next time. Probably when i have some money because R&B is really a pricey cafe lol. Nice to know that you like the juice! I was about to try their strawberry smoothie but it was unavailable. Have you tried Shabulicious at Qlap mall? I had seafood and chicken Teppanyaki set for the first time and i looove it :3 ❤ Had to go there twice hehe

    • R&B is indeed a pricey cafe but it is a place where you could indulge in once in a while or when you feel stress and the need to splurge a bit? LOL! I don’t think I will be returning soon enough for their main dishes but desserts.

      I had tried the main branch of Shabulicious in Batu Bersurat but not the ones in Seri Qlap Mall though. I am not a fan of steamboat though. And furthermore, steamboat is rather heavy for someone on diet. The soup base contains high calories. LOL!

  7. Yeah i just learn that soup base has high calories. Do you mind to explain me on this? I just couldn’t believe it .< I bet there's more other tasty Egg Benedict out there?

    • I think there are still nicer Benedict out there, just that you need to try each and everyone of them to justify which one is the best. To be honest, I think the one from Countrypatch Cafe is decent enough.

      I remembered there was once my Egg Benedict doesn’t come with Hollandaise sauce on my poached eggs. It was my first time so I didn’t know much. In the end, I realized that the kitchen staff forgotten the Hollandaise sauce. I can’t remember where exactly I had it last time but I think it was Countrypatch Cafe.

  8. Hey im sorry about the same twice comments in the previous ones! Idk why but actually i did typed something more but some of them got cut off 😥 Lol nevermind though. Thanks for the link! In my opinion i still think steamboat is healthier since it’s pretty much boiled and steamed foods :3

    • Hahaha … It’s okay about the doubled comments. It happened to other commenters before too.

      I rarely eat steamboat as I think it is something that makes you go full and hungry fast. I am just weird in some ways. LOL!

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