Review: The Frenz Café, Brunei

Hipster café seems to be a trend nowadays as you see more and more of such establishments had been set up in the country. The Frenz Café opened it’s door to the public last Saturday. Both Jennifer and I decided to give the café a try on the first day of opening. We came to know about the café through an article on The Brunei Times promoting the café before the opening. 

We were there during lunch hour. To be honest, we were expecting a big crowd since it was the first day of opening. But what surprised us was that the place was only half packed during lunch hour. I guess not much people are willing to travel that far for lunch with the limited lunch time unless you are working around the area?


My one and only picture of the cafe. Gosh! I am such a lousy blogger. I should have taken more pictures of the cafe. I will, but next time. LOL!



Cafe Latte

I ordered Cafe Latte as I could not decide what to drink. They have quite a wide selection for beverages but I decided to go for the “safest” since I am currently on a diet. I like that their Cafe Latte was of the right level of bitterness but it seems lacking of coffee taste for me.


Classic Cheese Burger | B$10

This was what Jennifer had for lunch the other day. She too could not decide what she wanted to eat. So, she went for the safest option on the menu. What could go wrong with burger, right? The fries looked very appealing and appetizing to me but I resisted the temptation.

The burger came with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, beef patty, cheese and bacon. According to Jennifer, the patty was undercooked in the middle as you could still see the patty being red in color. Frankly speaking, there was nothing special about their Classic Cheese Burger.


Egg Royale | B$15

I was contemplating between Egg Benedict and Egg Royale in the first place. But after knowing that the latter came with smoked salmon, I decided to order it. What disappointed me was the authenticity of their Egg Royale.

Egg Royale is similar to Egg Benedict. The only difference is that the former came with smoked salmon sandwiched in between the poached egg and English muffin. The poached egg was nicely done with egg yolk oozing when you poked on it. The reason why I find their Egg Royale not to be authentic enough is that they served with burger bun instead of English muffin. I would say B$15 for Egg Royale to be rather overpriced when it was not even authentic enough.

Verdict: Customer service was good in my opinion but there were still spaces for improvement in terms of their food. Menu was not extensive in the mean time as they were just opened. Hopefully, they will have more selections in the future.

It will be helpful if they have descriptions/information underneath each food title on the menu. That way it will be easier for patrons to decide what to order. Before I placed my order for Egg Royale, we approached the person-in-charge to ask of the difference between Egg Benedict and Egg Royale. He too had no idea of the difference between both. And therefore, he went into the kitchen to check with the chef before returning with the answer.

Staff were not trained properly in terms of which food utensil/cutlery to serve with. Both Jennifer and I were given spoon and fork for the food that we ordered. Who eats burger with spoon and fork? It should be fork and knife. I do not mind returning to The Frenz Café again but I am hoping that there will be improvement next time.

Location: Buildings next to Mentiri Petrol Station, next to Ideal Cafe & Grill.

The Frenz Café
Unit 10, Block 8,,
Haji Ibrahim Building,
Kampung Mentiri,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2791374

9 thoughts on “Review: The Frenz Café, Brunei

  1. Ahh the new cafe i heard recently. The location place though. It’s so far >.< I didn't know there's also Egg Royale. I only know Egg Benedict lol. Which one is usually more delicious? Or both of them? I have yet to try Egg Benedict. Never got the chance to *sobs* lol. What is that drink above the latte's pic btw?

    • Yeah … It’s the new place which The Brunei Times advertised some time last week. The location is extremely far but okay for me since I live nearby.

      Actually there are different types of Egg Benedict but I only knew three. There were normal Egg Benedict, Egg Royale and Egg Florentine.

      Egg Benedict comes with ham, smoked salmon for Egg Royale and Egg Florentine with spinach.

      Most of the Western style cafes in Brunei serve Egg Benedict for their breakfast menu. You could try Countrypatch but I could not remember if Cheezbox serves Egg Benedict or not.

      I could not remember the name of the drink which you referred to but I think it was either Mint Mojito or Virgin Mojito. Although it was named as Mojito but it looked more like latte to me. My friend ordered this while I had their Cafe Latte.

  2. Yeah i heard Egg Benedict from Countrypatch is a must try? I seriously need to try Egg Benedict once in my life. Need to splurge on the western foods too these days because i’ve been only dining out at Asian restaurants lol. Never heard of Nerdee Cafe. Where is it located and what kind of cafe is it? Never been to Library Cafe yet. Yeah so many hipster kind of cafes sprouting across Brunei lol. I’m not really a big fan of hipster cafe though. Oh yea have you tried out Cafe De’Ceriaa cafe in Kiulap? It’s a rather small cafe but i love their lamb burgers :3

    • Hmm … I think the Egg Benedict from Countrypatch Cafe was so so? The only difference is that their version came with a piece of hash brown. Yeah … You should try out Western cuisine sometimes rather than always sticking to Asian cuisine. I am not a big fan of Asian cuisine as I always eat them at home. So I rather try other cuisines when I am dining out.

      Have you heard of Caliente Tapas Bar at Regent Square? It’s a Spanish restaurant opened a couple of years ago but I think it was closed down already. Not sure if it was closed down for good or temporarily for renovation.

      Nerdee Cafe is located in the new buildings at Regent Square. Do you know where Photoplus Studio is in Regent Square? It’s located in the opposite building but on the first floor. They mostly serve light snacks like nachos and popcorn and only two main courses – Kimchi Noodles and Grilled Chicken Teriyaki with Buttered Basmati Rice.

      You know Butterbeer from Harry Potter? They have it also but of course the concoction is different. According to the server, they Butterbeer was made of Ginger Ale and some other ingredients which she could not disclose. It somehow tasted more like Ginger Ale with ice cream to me. Tasted kinda like ice-cream float to me.

      Nope, I have not tried Cafe De’Ceriaa, Whereabouts in Kiulap? The name sounded familiar but I could not be sure of the location. I do love lamb but I couldn’t eat them too in the meantime. *sigh*

  3. Not sure if i ever heard of Caliente but i knew that there’s a Spanish restaurant here in Brunei, which i forgot the name, somewhere in Central Gadong? I’m not really sure though. I’ve seen the Nerdee Cafe’s IG and like the science concept! I wanna go there someday if i ever get the chance to 😀 You already went there? If you know where is Express Fast Food in Kiulap, Cafe De’Ceriaa is just almost infront of it. They also do serve chicken and beef burgers ❤

    • Nope, Caliente is located in Regent Square. I think it was above Kimchi Restaurant or the block across. Can’t really remember.

      I had been there with a friend. Both of us were disappointed that there weren’t much main dishes but mostly beverages. Food wise, they only have nachos, popcorn, Kimchi Noodles and Grilled Chicken Teriyaki with Buttered Basmati Rice. So, the both of us only tried their Butterbeer and Cold Drip.

      Is there even a Express Fast Food in Kiulap? I don’t remember seeing one or it’s not obvious from the main road?

  4. Yup there’s a Express Fast Food in Kiulap and still strong after years! It could be seen from the road if you observe it clearly. Well it doesn’t have a very eye catching sign but yea i hope you could search for it hardly xD

    • Okay … I think I know the whereabouts of Express Fast Food already. It’s located on the same block as R&T Electrical if I am not mistaken. True indeed, it did not have an eye-catchy signboard that leaves you with a deep impression.

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