Review: Mama Mia!, Miri

Just checked into hotel room at Imperial Hotel New Wing an hour ago. Ing picked me up from the hotel around 8AM this morning and we headed out for breakfast, Amway and some window shopping at Bintang Megamall. Looked around for Chinese New Year clothing but found none. There was one which I kinda liked but the price tag kinda backed me off.

But I doubted it was something which I would buy as the dress made my lower body looked huge. I liked how the dress fitted my upper body perfectly but not on the lower body though. What I was happy about was that I am a UK Size 10 in that dress! LOL! Unfortunately, Sister said the dress looked old on me and not appropriate as office wear. True …

Anyways, Ing and I had actually planned on trying Excapade Sushi in Miri. You must be thinking that I am nuts for trying Excapade Sushi in Miri when I could get them cheaper in Brunei. Well, Ing was craving for Temaki. But it turned out that fate wasn’t on her side as the queue was long. Average waiting time was approximately 15 to 20 minutes. We were kinda lazy to wait as Ing was starving and I don’t feel like standing anymore. So, we settled with Mama Mia! under Excapade Sushi.


Mama Mia! has a good ambiance for romantic event. It is a place where you could consider for birthday, proposal, anniversary, gathering and so on.




The restaurant is spacious in my opinion. Ing had actually wanted to sit on one of the chairs in the picture above but I personally find the table too small for food for two. Luckily we went ahead with a bigger table as the platters were big for a small table. Those smaller tables were more appropriate for patrons who come in for liquors and light snacks only.


Complimentary appetizer

The bread was warm and soft when served. Comes with a couple slices of butter which both Ing and I left untouched. We skipped the butter as the food we ordered came with high dose of carbs and calories. So, skipping the butter to make ourselves feel better. Well, more likely to make me feel better as Ing doesn’t eat butter anyways. But all in all, these bread rolls were good! *thumbs up*


Hot Lemon | RM7

For me to wash the oil and fats consumed. LOL! I had actually intended to try their Pina Colada but then decided not to when Ing ordered Hot Lemon Tea. Shuddered at the thought of the calories in Pina Colada and went ahead with Hot Lemon instead. I do not want my 6 months of hard work to go wasted.


Hawaiian Pizza | RM29

Comes with homemade pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, honey ham and pineapple chunks. I find the fillings too salty for my liking. However, Ing found them to be bland. *sweat* We did not like the pastry bit though.


Italian Chicken Pesto Burger | RM23

Comes with homemade ground chicken patty, Italian basil pesto, honey mustard aioli, lettuce, toasted homemade burger and fries. Honestly speaking, I don’t think I tasted Italian basil pesto. Hmm … I wondered if I missed the taste or what?

Homemade ground chicken patty was okay in my opinion but rather lack of flavor for me. Texture wise, it was good as it was not dry. The honey mustard aioli complimented the chicken patty well. I don’t think Ing liked my burger as she kept on eating the fries more than the burger itself. But she did mentioned that the fries were good!


Ms. Ing busy with work …


While Ing was busy with work, I was busy selfie-ing. It’s been a while so it was kinda awkward doing it in public. LOL! Ing wondered why my hair was so black in color. She thought it was naturally this black. For your information, I colored it black two months ago. LOL! Don’t ask me why.

Verdict: We both liked the ambiance at Mama Mia! but were rather disappointed with the food. Customer service was good as the staff members were prompt and polite to our requests. I do not mind returning to Mama Mia! but perhaps trying their non-Halal menu next time.

PS: Mama Mia! is a non-Halal restaurant as pork and liquors are served. 

Mama Mia!
Taman Selesa
Jalan Brighton
98000, Miri


3 thoughts on “Review: Mama Mia!, Miri

  1. Lol you should try the Excapade Miri just for the sake of comparing with here in Brunei! xD I wonder if the one in Miri is nice but i hope so lol. Ive seen the interior pic and it’s so nice. Mama Mia! restaurant looks so nice and cozy ❤ You look skinnier in your selfie btw lol.

    • I think Excapade Sushi, Miri looked a bit like Kaizen Sushi Waterfront in Bandar. According to my friend, quality is about the same but pricing wise, Brunei is cheaper.

      Yeah … The restaurant looked nice and cozy. But somehow I have a feeling that Mama Mia! is opened by a Bruneian. It’s rare that you see Filipino workers in Miri. Most of the workers are not local in Excapade Sushi, Miri too.

      Yeah … Looked skinnier in selfie as I lose a lot of pounds. Took me roughly 5 months to shed off about 14 kilos. LOL! So a bit cautious when it comes to dining outside. Always take a long time to decide what to eat. xD

      • I was discussing about Excapade Sushi in Miri with my colleague this morning. She told me that the food quality of Excapade Sushi in Miri is not as good as the one in Brunei. Pricing wise, Brunei is definitely cheaper. So, I guess comments are pretty subjective. You have to try it out yourself to know.

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