Review: 2nd Home Cafe & Bistro, Miri

Came home from Miri just in time for lunch this afternoon. Went to Jia‘s place during mid afternoon as she had invited me over to taste test the food she made with her new Thermomix machine.

Anyways, dinner yesterday was at 2nd Home Cafe & Bistro which Alan chose himself. He picked me up from the hotel around 7:00p.m. in the evening after he finished work. Cafe was pretty much crowded at the time of our arrival. We were there around 8:30p.m. in the evening as we went to Merdeka Mall for some grocery shopping before dinner. I had Grilled Pork Chop while Alan had their Chicken Cutlets.


Grilled Pork Chop | RM15.90

Gosh! Look at the humongous portion! It came with three slices of pork chop, salad and wedges. As for the sauce, you could choose between black pepper and mushroom. I chose the latter as I am not a huge fan of black pepper sauce.

I love the salad and wedges. However, I find the pork chop to be overcooked as the meat was dry and it lacked of flavor too. I had the smallest slice of pork chop, all the salad and half portion of the wedges as I am watching my calories intake and pushed the leftovers to Alan.

It’s so good to have a food companion especially when you are on a diet. That way your companion can finish up your food without you feeling guilty of food wastage. Lucky for me, Alan himself is a big eater as he is trying to gain some weight. I, on the other hand is trying to lose some. How ironic is that? LOL!

Verdict: Customer service is good in my opinion. Staff members were polite and courteous. Food portion was generous for the price paid. However, waiting time was long for me. We waited more than half an hour for our food after ordering. I do not mind returning again but not when I am starving. I think I will go nuts waiting for my food to be served.

PS: 2nd Home Cafe & Bistro is a non Halal restaurants as pork and liquors are served. 


2nd Home Cafe & Bistro
Lot 1893, Jalan MS2/3a,
Marina Square 2,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-0178711813

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