08122015 / Pasta Mania, Times Square

Both Kaylie and I met up over dinner last Tuesday evening as an advanced birthday celebration for her. I am expecting that she will have a big group of friends wanting to celebrate with her on the exact day. As she is a new mom now, I am pretty sure that she wanted to celebrate her special day with her little Keona too. So, I might as well do an early one with her.

We had intended to meet at VK’s Rafia for desserts instead of dinner. Unfortunately, there aren’t much choices available at the cafe. So, we resorted to having dinner instead of desserts in the end. So, Pasta Mania it was.


French Fries | B$3.90

I know I should not be having this since I am on a diet. But there are days when I am craving for junk food. Like today, I am craving for Classic Carrot Cake and there was another day whereby I was craving for Curry Udon from Excapade Sushi after seeing someone posted about it on Facebook.

Nothing to shout about this French Fries as they were not good enough for me. I still prefer the fries from Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe. Crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.


Baked Chicken Salad | B$8.90

Took me a long time to finally settle on this salad. I was contemplating between a baked or grilled chicken salad. Settled with this as baked is more much healthy compared to the grilled version.

You can choose between two types of dressing – Italian and Thousand Island . I had wanted Italian dressing in the first place as it has lower calories compared to Thousand Island dressing. Unfortunately, they do not have any Italian dressing at that time. So, it was down to Thousand Island and Caesar. So, I had Thousand Island dressing in the end. So much of trying to eat clean. LOL!


Grilled Chicken Chop | B$9.90

Kaylie’s choice of dinner. The waffles fries looked good! Tempted to try one myself but had to restrain myself from doing so but helped myself with the side vegetables on her plate since she didn’t want them. LOL!

Pasta Mania
Unit G8A – G10A,
Simpang: 13 – 29,
Jalan Berakas, Kampung Jaya Setia,
Mukim Berakas “A”,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2338061

6 thoughts on “08122015 / Pasta Mania, Times Square

  1. It’s been few years i haven’t dine at Pastamania. I miss the spaghetti carbonara :3 Italian dressing – what is it like? Never heard of it before. I’ve tried the butterscotch pecan cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake at VK’s Rafia. I liked the strawberry cheesecake since the sweetness was just right for me whereas the former one was way too sweet for my liking >.< But i guess that's just because i ate both of em lol.

    • Me too! But mine wasn’t as long as yours though. The last time I went to Pasta Mania was probably a year ago? I love their Pesto Linguine though, creamy and nice! You should try it if you like basic and pine nuts!

      Italian dressing is a vinaigrette-type of salad dressing. It tastes sweet and sour at the same time. I had only heard of Italian dressing couple of months ago when I took up classes at Fitness Zone. The nutritionist told me to avoid Thousand Island or Caesar dressing when having salad. Best to eat with Italian dressing as the calorie count is a lot lesser compared to the other dressings, like 16 calories per teaspoon.

      I am craving for desserts since early of this week. Still missing the Classic Carrot Cake from Fleur-de-lys but I see that Sweet Deli Cafe has Classic Carrot Cake too. Wonder if it is as good as the one from Fleur-de-lys.

      I had Chocolate Fudge Cake from CBTL the other day. Not the best one but good enough for a temporary sweet tooth fix. I think it’s normal that you find Butterscotch Pecan Cheesecake sweeter than the Strawberry Cheesecake. Buttersotch is indeed sweet as it is mainly brown sugar and butter, sounded a bit like toffee to me though.

      Have you tried the Salted Caramel Cheesecake from Starbucks Coffee? I tried it couple of weeks ago. The cheesecake was good but the Salted Caramel layer was overly sweet. Ended up removing the Salted Caramel layer and ate the cheesecake only.

  2. I think the last time was back in 2013 and i ordered my fav carbonara spaghetti lol.I think ive tried their pesto linguine back then and i remember it’s nice as well. Will look up for the Italian dressing at google for its recipe. Kinda curious how is it like but im sure its quite simple and easy to made as it is healthy few cals.

    You know what, i just knew that Sweet Deli already renovated its bakery to a cafe 😮 Correct me if im wrong as im not sure either if it’s now a complete cafe or cafe + bakery. I was shocked when i stumbled upon their IG account page lol. Is that recently or has been awhile? And it’s the same place at Kiulap right? Same building with Excapade Kiulap. My friends asked me many times if i ever had gone there yet trying the cafe and i was like it’s a bakery not a cafe lol xD *red face*

    I did tried a cheesecake in Starbucks early this year once but i forgot what kind of cheesecake was it. Or was it matcha. I couldn’t remember. Its alright but a lil bit too sweet. Yeah you’re right that the butterscotch pecan cheesecake tends to be very sweet due to the syrup. It’s too sweet yet it’s the #1 choice among the costumers there 😮 Have you tried out Sweet Sara at Airport Mall? Their cakes look great too. I once tried their raspberry something cupcake at a event last time and it’s soooo freaking good! And i’m not even a huge fan of cupcake lol. Thinking of trying out there next time!

    • I had tried their Carbonara previously and I find it too heavy for my liking. My friend liked it though. I think it is cheaper to buy Italian dressing from supermarket rather than making it. I think it is less than $3 per bottle. But the one common brand available in Brunei is American Garden. Lady Choice does have Italian dressing but it is always out of stock. Or the demand for Italian dressing is not high in Brunei. I saw that Supa Save has various brands of Italian dressing though but the only one I remembered was Hellman. LOL!

      Yeah … Sweet Deli has renovated and turned half of the bakery into a cafe. I don’t think it’s the branch in Kiulap though. I know it is the one in Gadong. The one on the same block as SCR Express and Pizza Hut. I think menu selection is pretty limited at the moment as I think they serve mostly desserts and sweets. I haven’t been there yet but I was thinking of trying their Classic Carrot Cake. Saw it on their Facebook the other day and I wonder if it is as good as the one from Fleur-de-lys. I am not a Carrot Cake fan previously but after trying out the one from Fleur-de-lys, I am sold. Thinking of baking one myself but I don’t think it will taste good without cream cheese frosting.

      Sweet Sara at Airport Mall? Nope, never even heard of it. Was it recently opened? I hope it’s not the same as Chlocits at Airport Mall. Tried Chlocits at Airport Mall and didn’t really like it as the cupcakes were too sweet!

      Okay … I just checked. It’s called Sweet As Sara and the cake selections indeed looked very good. But I wonder if it’s located in the new restaurant nearby SKH and next to Each A Cup in Airport Mall. I saw a new restaurant opening up couple of months ago and the dessert choices were almost similar to the one on Sweet As Sara Instagram. But I think no harm giving it a try though. Do tell me what you think of the desserts if you try out the place before me. xD

  3. Ahh i see. I wonder if the Sweet Deli bakery in Kiulap is still operating? It’s still a bakery right? Except the one in Gadong. I dont remember how carrot cake taste like. Still haven’t go to Fleur De Lys >.< Hopefully soon.

    Yup you're right that's Sweet As Sara which you saw lol. It is located in a new restaurant which is called Amsarra Shawarma. They are sharing together in the same lot. Sure i will do tell you how will it be xD

    On a side note, there's a new restaurant opened recently called Pepper Lunch restaurant, somewhere in the Regent Square Kiulap area. I didn't know it's an international chain restaurant and it's from Japan! Looks like they serve Teppanyaki style kind of dishes :3

    • Yeah … Sweet Deli in Kiulap is still in operation. I was there couple of weeks ago. Carrot Cake could be pretty strong in cinnamon taste. If you do not like cinnamon, Carrot Cake may not be your cup of tea.

      I like the one from Fleur-de-lys as it came with crushed pineapples. Majority come with raisins but there were a few recipes which I saw that used crushed pineapples instead. All in all, both are good!

      I think I am gonna try Sweet As Sara next week. Told my friend about it and she was intrigued to try out their desserts too! She had been craving for cakes for quite some time already. LOL!

      Yeah … Pepper Lunch is located at the new buildings in Regent Square, opposite to The Library Cafe. I’ve tried Pepper Lunch couple of years ago in Singapore. It was good but then the smell lingers on your clothing and hair for quite some time. Not the place I would want to go if I have a long day to go before heading home for shower. xD

      According to my friend, the price was kinda steep. I think the price started off from B$12.90? But portion was good enough, I heard. I think I am gonna try the place when the crowd has slowed down.

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