Of Random Things #64 – Shanghai Food

I did an almost similar blog entry last year after coming home from Shanghai but it was a compilation of food and random stuffs. However, I am gonna cover on food only this time round as I do not feel like writing individual blog entries for each of them. There will also be similar blog entries covering on the food from Tianjin and Beijing in another few days time.


Can’t remember what this was but I think it was fried pork chop from Toast Box in Raffles City, Shanghai. It was okay-ish for me but I find the pork chop to be rather dry for my liking. The dish looked extremely presentable though.



California Roll | RMB25


Salmon Sashimi | RMB58


Assorted Tempura GATTEN Style | RMB58



3 Kinds Hand Rolled Sushi Set | RMB53

It came in a set of three Temaki but then one of the Temaki was disfigured on the way to our table. Hence I have to take a shot of it separately.


Grilled Special Seaeel | RMB25

May looked a bit gross but this was cooked to perfection. Extremely tender as it practically melt on your tongue.

K11 Art Mall,
3F, Huaihai Zhong Lu near Huangpi Nan Lu,
Tel: +86-2153832961


Korean Black Bean Sauce Noodles


Kimchi Fried Rice

I know this platter looked extremely unappealing like some kind of dog food. Albeit the unflattering presentation, this was one good plate of Kimchi Fried Rice with reasonable amount of pork strips but extremely spicy.

Can’t remember the name of this Korean restaurant but it is located on the ground floor of Raffles City, Shanghai. Located nearby to Hershey’s. The place was full most of the time as the price was reasonable for the portion given.

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