Of Random Things #65 – Tianjin Food

It’s finally Saturday today and day off for me tomorrow. Needed to pay a visit to my local salons to get my eyebrow trimmed, pedicure and do hair treatment. My hair is pretty dry nowadays and I saw a couple of split ends already.

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, I will do doing individual blog entries of Tianjin and Beijing food. And here comes my installment of Tianjin food blog entry! While I was browsing through the food pictures in my WordPress Media, I realized that I could really eat. As in eating without worrying about the carbs and calorie count. LOL!

But now, seeing those food kinda make me shudder at how much I used to eat. I still have craving once in a while. I will try to get them fixed if possible but only a small portion just to satisfy my craving at the time. To be honest, I am now craving for Curry Udon but I do not feel like having the entire bowl myself. I guess Curry Udon will have to wait until I find a friend who is willing to share a bowl with me?


I think this was Hong Kong Milk Tea. Can’t remember what was the name of this restaurant but I think it was a Cantonese style “cha chan teng”. Food was only average and customer service was slightly awful in my opinion. They had this “could-not-be-bothered” attitude.

According to Sister, the customer service on the northern part of China is not as good as compared to the eastern part of China. And do not expect any difference in Beijing. But customer service in Beijing was slightly better compared to Tianjin though.


Durian Pastry

Ordered two of these since we are both big fans of durian desserts. But was rather disappointed with we took the first bite. Pastry flakes were dry for me and the durian paste was artificially flavored.


Roasted Duck Rice 

At least, this bowl of Roasted Duck Rice was good enough for my expectation. Come with a generous potion of the duck flesh, half portion of salted egg and a small portion of stir fry cabbage.


Pan Fried Dumplings | RMB20

A must have for me when visiting China. But I preferred the dumplings from 老杨生煎 though. If my memory serves me well, this platter cost RMB20. Not the best one but good enough for my dumpling crave. .



三文鱼手卷 | RMB19


Grilled Tuna Sushi | RMB23


雪菜拉面 | RMB21

Craving for ramen at that time so I went ahead with the closest kind of ramen which I could find. I was actually craving for Ajisen Ramen but could not find any at that time. So, resorted to this. A beggar can’t be chooser, right? It was okay but nothing special to shout about. But good enough for my temporary ramen fix.

Anna Miller’s 


Apple Crumble Pie 

Had never tried Anna Miller’s before so decided to give it a shot as their display of pies looked so inviting. Unfortunately, platter presentation was not flattering though. Taste wise, it was good. Sour and yet sweet at the same time. The taste of cinnamon was of the right kick, not too overpowering.

Anna Miller’s Tianjin
No; 62 the 2nd Street,
Tianjin Economic & Technical Development Zone,
Tianjin Binhai New District Isetan Departmental Store,
Tel: +86-2265541044


One last final picture of food from Tianjin. This was a cheesecake from Costa Coffee. Could not remember what was the name but this was good. The cheese texture was creamy and soft, practically melts on your tongue. But a bit sickening if you had too much so I only managed to finish half the slice.

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