20122015 / Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

So … I had my snack treat at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on my own after having breakfast with Clara and San Diann at Ah Tong. Well, I did not exactly had my snack treat right after breakfast but some time around noon before I meet up with another two friends.

I was craving for some cakes and coffee at that time and my best option was Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf although Secret Recipe was just nearby. I don’t feel like having cream cake. So, CBTL it was and ordered Red Velvet Hot Cocoa and Brownie Cheesecake.


Red Velvet Hot Cocoa | B$6 & Brownie Cheesecake | B$5.50

It’s Christmas season and CBTL returned with their seasonal beverages. Instead of getting a caffeinated drink, I ordered Red Velvet Hot Cocoa. A bit contradicting when I just mentioned that I was craving for coffee. LOL!

Regretted ordering Red Velvet Hot Cocoa as it was not my cup of tea afterall. Rather sweet albeit I had requested less sugar syrup and it had a strong taste of milk than cocoa. All in all, I only managed to finish a quarter cup of the beverage. I should have stick with my usual Cafe Latte.

Of all the cake selections at CBTL, I liked Brownie Cheesecake the most. It was sweet but still tolerable if I omitted the crumb topping. The cake came with a base layer of brownie, followed by a thick layer of cheesecake topped with confectioner sugar dusted crumble toppings.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Unit 1-16A, First Floor,
The Mall Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2457460


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