29122015 / Kaizen Sushi Waterfront

The family and I had dinner at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront yesterday evening as an advanced celebration of parents’ birthdays. We intended to go Chempaka Kitchen as parents liked local Chinese cuisine more than any other cuisine. Dad particularly likes the food there as it tasted more like home cooked food. But unfortunately, Chempaka Kitchen is closed until 3rd January 2016.

So, we settled with Kaizen Sushi Waterfront in the end as Sister had been asking for Kaizen Sushi. Thought parents might not want to go Kaizen Sushi as Mom ain’t a huge fan of Japanese cuisine. Surprisingly, she agreed. Probably because Sister begged for it. LOL! *just kidding*

We had quite a feast yesterday. It has been a long time since I had so much food just for dinner. Well, I still control my food intake. I think I had gained 1.5 kilos in within one week time since Sister came home from Shanghai. Gosh! I wonder how am I going to keep up with my weight during Chinese New Year in Bangkok.


Spicy Maguro Temaki (Sake) | B$3.60

My all time favorite hand roll from Kaizen Sushi. You could choose in between salmon or tuna. I chose the former. I always prefer salmon over tuna when it comes to raw but tuna for cooked.


Satsumaimo Tempura | B$4.50

Had wanted to order Moriawase Tempura but went ahead with this instead. Super love the soft and sweet Japanese Sweet Potatoes. Mom did not like it as much as I did though as she find the batter too thick.


Makonochi Bento | B$15.30

For Dad. Came with a super generous portion of Vegetable Tempura, Ebi Tempura, Sake Sashimi and Grilled Eel with rice. Did not try the Grilled Eel but Sister said it was good. The Grilled Eel was cooked to perfection. Soft and smooth, which practically melt on your tongue.


Chawan Mushi | B$2.70

This was Sister’s. She ordered this as she had just undergone a surgery on her wisdom tooth. So, soft food like Chawan Mushi is the best food for her.


Sashimi (Sake) | B$12.60

Thick slices of sashimi but not juicy and fattening enough as these weren’t the salmon belly. But still good enough though but I think it was better previously.


Agedashi Tofu | B$4.50

I think the Agedashi Tofu kinda shrunk in size. I think it used to be bigger in size than these. Soft and smooth, hence they broke apart when picking them up with a pair of chopsticks.


Softshell Furaidon | B$6.30

Deep fried soft shell crab in breadcrumbs for Mom. I did not have a lot of this but only a small piece of the shell. It was actually quite good but not something which I would want to order for myself next time.


Combi Set B | B$18

Ordered a set of these which was good for 2 to 3 persons. I liked the Salmon Maki but didn’t get to try the Unagi Sushi though.

This sums up my dinner at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront yesterday evening. I did not have much as I felt quite full halfway through dinner. Looks like my appetite shrunk in size along with my body size. But I had quite a few pieces of the Satsumaimo Tempura though. LOL!

Kaizen Sushi Waterfront
Block G, First Floor,
Yayasan Complex,
Jalan McArthur,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2226336

4 thoughts on “29122015 / Kaizen Sushi Waterfront

  1. I just tried Agedashi Tofu at Excapade recently and it’s soooo good! I only tried it this year recently >.< I should have ordered it long time ago. It's becoming one my new favs now :3

    Happy New Year 2016!

    • Agedashi Tofu are basically the same everywhere. The only difference is probably the gravy but most of them taste sweet.

      Cheezbox has Agedashi Tofu too, if I am not mistaken. I rarely order Agedashi Tofu but some of my friends do when they dine at Japanese restaurant.

      I was at Excapade Sushi last Christmas and I had the entire Grilled Salmon Head to myself. Small size but good albeit slightly charred on the fins.

      Have you tried Genki Teppanyaki at Citis Square? According to my friend, their Teppanyaki dishes are quite good.

      Happy 2016 to you too! May you have a blessed year ahead.

  2. Yep ive went to Genki few times and recently i just went there had their tori katsu curry rice which was alright. They have added extra menu other than their Teppanyaki dishes. The Teppanyaki are good but i find it a lil bit tad oily 😮 Idk if its just me but yea. I love their salmon and beef teriyaki. I see that there’s a new restaurant opened recently called Wing It at Citis Square. Very nice interior design and it seems they serve chicken and fries dishes mostly! Oh yea ive tried the passionfruit lemon cheesecake from Sweet As Sara & it tasted so good ❤ Originally i wanted the strawberry one but too bad they're run out if it. I'm so gonna there again next time :3

    • I had never been to Genki although I almost went there once. Changed to another venue at the very last minute. LOL!

      Teppanyaki is normally oily in my opinion. Thanks for the heads up, at least I know what I should try and what I should avoid. xD

      Wing It used to be a home based business on Instagram. One of my friends used to order from Wing It but you have to self collect from the home of the business owner at Mabohai. Next to Mabohai petrol station if I am not wrong.

      Sigh … I have not been to Sweet As Sara yet. Wanted to go but always got cancelled last minute. Think I am gonna wait a while before I go as I think I am overloaded with sweet and calories intake this week. LOL!

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