2015 Highlights & 2016 Resolutions

2015 kind of passed by in a blink of eye. As a matter of fact, I think it passed by too quickly to the extent that I don’t think I had done enough for myself. Basically, I am gonna do a reflection on my 2015 and make new resolutions for 2016. But it is nothing interesting compared to the 2015 highlights made by some other bloggers which I have read.


Chinese New Year 2015 was a quiet one as Sister did not return home for the festival. She came home when CNY was about to end. Work got slightly hectic and stressful after CNY.


Work problem was resolved just days before I was due to jet off for a weekend getaway in Taipei with Sister. Returned to Shanghai for two days before flying off to Tianjin with Sister for her business trip and another two days trip in Beijing before flying back to Brunei.


Started my dieting program with Conforer Global. Started with an obese weight of 78 kilos. I managed to shed off an average of 4 kilos per month. To be honest, friends and families around me had been telling me to lose some weights way before I started this dieting program.

I am extremely thankful to a few friends of mine who had been extremely supportive and patient with explanations albeit my constant nagging and questions about the products. LOL! But of course, without perseverance from myself, I will not able to achieve what I set to do either.


This was me in Yehliu, Taipei. I think I was the heaviest back then. A friend had asked me to send her my before and after pictures for example purpose. Till now, I have yet gotten to do so as I have taken a full shot picture of myself in my current weight.


Breakfast with Jia and Eldie around August. That was when my weight loss started to look more obvious than before. I had a sharper chin than before. I still have double chin now but at least it is a lot subtle now compared to before. LOL!


Went back to Kuching to attend a wedding of my cousin and at the same time visited my grandmother whom I have not seen for years. Most of my relatives were unable to recognize me as they only remembered the chubby me from last year but they were extremely happy for my weight loss success. xD

Was approached by Cyndi from Klarity Singapore and got sponsored with three skincare products in return for a honest blog write-up.


Planned siblings’ holiday trip to Bangkok with Sister. Invited parents to join us but both declined as they wanted to return to hometown to celebrate CNY with my grandparents. Both holiday tickets and accommodation were booked. Excited as I could not wait to try out the accommodation which we have booked.

Shared and bought a water filter machine from Conforer Global with Sister. It was nowhere near cheap but it was a definitely good investment.


Went Miri for an overnight trip to unwind and met up with Ing and Alan. Sister came home on Christmas and off we went for food hunting. I gained almost 1.5 kilos throughout the one week she was home. Goodness! Gotta start shedding off those excess again. Current weight to date is 64.5 kilos.


The latest me which I took last Sunday at Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe. I had shed off a lot of fats on my upper body and still trying to lose some from my lower body. Hopefully, I will be able to get nice pictures on my next holiday in Bangkok!

Managed to persuade and convince both Sister and King to try out the dieting program from Conforer Global. Sister just started hers while King had started a month ago and currently on his second month. Was satisfied with the result as his body size had shrunk down a lot albeit not so much on the weight.

2016 Resolutions! 

I am hoping for a better year ahead compared to the one that I had in 2015. Who doesn’t, right?

Resolution #1: Shed another 10 more kilos and reach the perfect weight of 55 kilos. I am 161 cm so my perfect weight is about 55 kilos. 55 kilos seems distant from my current weight but I am pretty sure I could make it. It is just a matter of time.

Resolution #2: Get a career change. Hoping to do something I like compared to what I am doing now. People management is never an easy job to begin with.

Resolution #3: Plan another getaway holiday trip with Sister. She had been asking me about it when she was home last week. Thinking of heading to Tokyo for our next holiday trip together.

Resolution #4: Learn to handle my emotions better (though I think I had improved a lot on this aspect in the past 4 years).

Resolution #5: Expand my social circle and make more friends!

 Resolution #6: Perhaps making some small income out of my baking hobby? To be honest, I was being requested to consider a couple of business opportunities out of my baking hobby but I was not ready to take a step into it. With my long working hours, turning my baking hobby into an income generator is almost impossible.

So, this basically sums up my 2015 highlights and my resolution for the new year. What about you? Have you made yours?


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