Review: Pepper Lunch, Brunei

I finally got to try Pepper Lunch yesterday evening after it had been opened for approximately a month. I think it was opened on the fifth of December. San Diann and Clara had been talking of trying Pepper Lunch some weeks ago but I don’t feel like getting myself all “smoky” smell after lunch. I would rather go Pepper Lunch for dinner, come home and shower straightaway.

To be honest, this was my second visit to Pepper Lunch. My first visit was in Singapore couple of years ago. I remembered it was my first visit to SG too. Both Andrea and Patrick brought me to Pepper Lunch on a weekend for lunch. Hence it explained why I am not so keen of jumping into the bandwagon when Pepper Lunch just opened it’s first branch in Brunei.

I went Pepper Lunch with Kaylie and little Keona yesterday evening. Kaylie wasn’t so keen on going Pepper Lunch at first as she had been there thrice since opening. I suggested Genki Teppanyaki & Restaurant since I am craving for Teppanyaki styled food. Kaylie settled with Pepper Lunch in the end as Genki is not baby friendly compared to Pepper Lunch.

Without further ado, let me share with you my personal experience at Pepper Lunch. Please be informed that no reservation is allowed at Pepper Lunch at the moment. I am not sure if reservation will be allowed in the future. But as for now, it is unavailable. So, if there is a long queue, you will have to wait for your table.


Pepper Lunch is located underneath Universal Electronics Enterprise. According to Kaylie, Universal Electronics Enterprise brought this franchise business into Brunei.


Pepper Lunch operates on a fast food chain system whereby you have to order over the counter before your food will be served to you. As Pepper Lunch is still experiencing large flow of patrons since opening, you have to queue first before seated by the staffs

We were being told that the restaurant was full house while queue-ing and they cannot be sure what was the approximate waiting time. Lucky for us, one of the staffs informed her Duty Supervisor that a group of patrons just left and a table was vacant. So, we got the table right away without waiting.


While queue-ing to order, you will be given a menu booklet to browse through to decide what you want. You can choose to order either ala-carte or with bonus meal. You will get a soft drink and a choice of side dish with a top up of B$3 for bonus meal.


BBQ Chicken & Hamburg | B$15.90

This was Kaylie’s choice of dinner. It came with grilled chicken, beef Hamburg, mashed potato, sweet corns, couple sticks of french beans, a bowl of rice and a dipping sauce. I would say the portion is quite big but definitely enough for one but not for two, unless you are a small eater.

According to Kaylie, the mashed potato was good. I did not try it but it looked extremely smooth to me. I try not to eat mashed potato as I know I am not gonna stop if it was real good. I heard the quality of the beef at Pepper Lunch is good. Not sure about this though as I don’t eat beef but I got the information from someone who loves beef.


Cheesy Chicken Curry Rice | B$12.90

I had this for myself. Requested the staff not to put the shredded cheese on top of the grilled chicken as I am trying not to eat cheese nowadays but I do crave for cheesecake sometimes. The curry sauce was not bad, tad bit spicy but not overly though.

Grilled chicken was cooked to perfection. It was extremely tender and juicy with chicken skin still intact onto the flesh. I chose to remove the skin part before eating though. However, if you are not someone into peppers, you might think the flavoring of peppercorns to be slightly overboard. But all in all, this dish was good enough for me.

Verdict: My experience at Pepper Lunch had been favorable. I heard a couple of negative comments of Pepper Lunch from friends before going. All I can say is that comments are subjective depending on preferences and personal experience at the time. The customer service provided by the staffs was good – friendly and courteous.

Waiting time may be long as they are still experiencing a large crowd since opening. No reservation is allowed so you will have to try your luck yourself. Or you could always choose to go during non-peak hours.

Quality was good but price was a bit steep for me, definitely not something which I would be eating on regular basis. Apart from the steep price, I didn’t like the smoky food smell lingering on the clothes after meal but it was all expected. It was like going to Pasar Malam. LOL!

The total bill for the both of us was $33.40 and we both had Iced Lemon Tea each. Iced Lemon Tea was too sweet for me so I ended up only finishing one quarter of my drink. *sigh*

Pepper Lunch
Block C, Unit 9 & 10,
Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2253000


2 thoughts on “Review: Pepper Lunch, Brunei

  1. Yea i noticed their prices are steep but i guess the dishes seems worth to try at least. Hmm will go there once the crowd is getting lesser hehe. Thanks for the review!

    • Yeah … It is worth a try if you had never been to Pepper Lunch. Think it is gonna take a few months before the crowd is lesser.

      But I think the crowd is lesser nowadays since it had been opened for more than a month now. But crowd is still a lot now as it was full house when I was there the other night. =D

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