Of Random Things #66

A couple of unfortunate things happened since this morning but all were due to my own carelessness. Mom told me to print the ticket itineraries of hers and Dad’s this morning. While I was printing, I realized that I purchased both tickets under Mom’s name. *horror strikes*

I did check the ticket itineraries yesterday as I wanted to confirm the time of arrival of my parents as I wanted to buy some Elizabeth Arden products from my colleague’s aunt and either Mom or Dad could bring it back for me. I was still oblivious to the mistake on the ticket itinerary until this morning.

Made calls to MAS offices and no one picked up the calls. I tried calling multiple MAS offices, even the ones in Sarawak as the one in Brunei was not in service anymore. I tried the customer service line in KL but to no avail as it kept on putting me on hold. The one in Miri was even worst! Kept on asking me to key in the extension number when it was not even provided on their website. And before I could key in the extension number, it prompted me that they will be terminating my call. *wtf*

In the end, I managed to get someone to pick up my call from MAS Sibu. I informed the staff about my current situation and asked if it is possible to do a name change for the ticket. She said it is not possible as MAS doesn’t allow that. But surprisingly, my colleague managed to do that few months ago. Her brother bought the ticket for himself in the first place and I don’t know for what reason he did not want the ticket couple of months later. He managed to switch the ticket to my colleague’s name.

In the end, I decided to cancel the ticket and go for refund instead since there is nothing much I could do anyways. Penalty fee for ticket cancellation is RM150, which is still acceptable as I will still be able to get a refund of RM250. Mom wanted me to just “burn” the ticket. I thought hell no! Since I had been planning on going Miri on either one of the Sundays before CNY, I will just do the refund process on one of the Sundays.

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