Review: Rafia’s VK Cafe

Met up with Kaylie and little Keona in the afternoon for a high tea session. We had actually planned out to try Sweet As Sara at Airport Mall but the desserts’ selection did not look appealing to me. So, Kaylie suggested that we head over to Citis Square instead.

I waited for her for almost half an hour as she told me that she will be running late. I decided to go early today as I had not been punctual lately when it comes to meet up. And Times Square area is always congested on weekends. Bingo! It was indeed congested and the basement parking at Airport Mall was full. The parking attendant ended up blocking the basement parking entrance.

Thank goodness I managed to find a parking spot after turning one round. But Kaylie was rather unfortunate. She had to do a couple of turns before she managed to get a spot. She arrived three something with little Keona. We met up at Chatime first before deciding where to head afterwards. We wanted to try Wing-it but the place was packed and inconvenient as we have a baby stroller with us. So, we ended up at Rafia’s VK Cafe.


This cafe used to be a home based bakery on Instagram and Facebook if I am not mistaken. I remembered seeing their Instagram profile before this cafe was set up. Cafe is cozy and comfortable with ample space to walk around.


The desserts they have at the moment which includes cookies, buns, frosted cupcakes, macaroons, cheesecake and flavored cinnamon rolls!


Cappuccino | B$4.00

Kaylie’s choice of drink, which she finds ordinary and nothing to shout about. The cup size is smaller than the standard one served at Coffee Bean though.


Flat White | B$4.50

My choice of drink, which I drank without adding sugar. Kinda got used to drinking bitter coffees nowadays. The bitter it is, the better. The good thing about Rafia’s VK Cafe is that the barista would ask you if you’d like regular or skimmed milk for your coffee. Thank goodness for that. Whenever I go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean nowadays, I will ask for skimmed milk for my lattes. And I don’t go for flavored latte anymore.


Original Cinnamon Roll | B$2.50

I know this does not look appealing in any way. I could not find a better angle for this as I was holding little Keona at the time while Kaylie prepares her milk. And this little Keona was trying to grab the camera’s strap. LOL!

There are three flavors you could choose from for their Cinnamon Rolls – Original, Green Tea & Chocolate. I chose the Original one of course. And it came with their special cream cheese sauce. I requested the barista to lessen the portion of the cream cheese sauce for me but it still came out this much! If I were to order this again, I will request the barista to completely omit the cream cheese sauce.

The Cinnamon Roll was good but I think I will like it better without the cream cheese sauce. Kaylie did not like the sauce but little Keona sure loved it. Kept on licking her lips for more.


Soft Baked Double Chocolate Chip Cookie | B$2.50

Kaylie’s! I did not try this as cookies do not appeal to me anymore unless they are from Subway. Kaylie did not like her cookie as she found it to be too powdery in texture.

Rafia’s VK Cafe
G13, First Floor,
Citis Square,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Opening Hours
1300 – 2000 (Sunday – Thursday)
1500 – 2100 (Friday & Saturday)

6 thoughts on “Review: Rafia’s VK Cafe

  1. I wanna go there again trying out their strawberry cheesecake >.< That's indeed a wholesome amount of generous cream cheese sauce. It literally covered the cinnamon roll. You're not trying out cookies unless they are from subway? Really? 😮 Never had Subway's cookies but they must be that good lol.

    • I did not see any Strawberry Cheesecake the other day. It was only Pecan something Cheesecake or something which is brown in color.

      Yeah … The portion of cream cheese frosting was definitely generous. My friend didn’t like the frosting but her little daughter sure loved it. LOL!

      Cookies don’t appeal to me unless home baked kinds? Honestly speaking, I would say B$2.50 per piece is a rip off.

      There’s a trend nowadays whereby home bakers try to imitate Subway cookies. Subway cookies are chewy in texture.

      You should try Subway cookies one day if you have the chance. xD

  2. Yeah $2.50 is kinda expensive for that size single of cookie. Even the Strawberry Cheesecake is priced at $6.50 which i find it a lil tad pricey :\ Good thing it tasted good. If i ever get the chance to go to Subway overseas next time, i don’t think i would remember the cookie but their sandwich xD

    Next stop is Sweet As Sara! I wanna go there again :3

    • Yeah … B$2.50 was pretty expensive for a cookie of that size when it was not even up to the expectation. Both my friend and I have high expectation when it comes to cookies as we both love soft baked chewy cookies.

      I used to work at Subway back in the uni days. I think I didn’t have any Subway for a couple of years after leaving Subway until couple of years ago when I was in KL for a family holiday. The crave suddenly hit in. My current favorite Subway filling is their Tuna. Hahaha … xD

      I’ll just go to Substation nowadays whenever I have Subway sandwiches’ crave. Substation is an imitation of Subway but good enough for my liking. Have you tried Substation? Pricing is good and cheap. A foot long sandwich was less than B$3 if I am not mistaken.

      I dropped by Sweet As Sara the other day but their choices of desserts did not appeal to me hence I ended up at Rafia’s VK Cafe instead. I think I am gonna try Wing-it next time and I saw that they have quite a variety of frosted cupcakes. =D

  3. Substation? I think ive heard of the name before but i dont know where it is 😮 So yea never been there. But i like Eileen Sandwich shop and freshco sandwich shop :3 I like tuna, chicken and salmon which i usually order to. Looking forward to your Wing-It review. Last time i went there with my friend but i didn’t ordered anything there as i was full already from dining at Genki restaurant. My friend ordered the six wings meal and was given drinks which come with the meal set first while waiting for his food to arrive. When the food has arrived, they gave some more drinks again which i assumed they forgot that he already had them earlier lol. Ended up grabbing the extra drinks for myself xD

    • Substation and Eileen Sandwich Shop are the same. Substation is the new name which they used.

      I have yet tried Genki as my friend said the place is not baby stroller friendly. So, never gotten round to try out the place.

      I think it is gonna take a while before the crowd at Wing-it slows down. Unless I were to go in the daytime on weekdays.

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