Of Random Things #67: Toiletries Hauls

I went to The Mall Gadong yesterday evening after work as my eyebrows needed a trimming badly and my nails needed a pedicure as my ingrown is starting to hurt me. Didn’t have anything in particular to buy so I just wandered inside Winmark and bought a couple of toiletries. I used to buy lots of skincare products previously. Now that I have a couple of preferred brands, I bought lesser.


Vaseline Lip Therapy | B$4.35

Bought this as I think my lips need some pampering too apart from my skin. LOL!  This Vaseline Lip Therapy comes in three flavors – Original, Cocoa Butter & Rose. I chose the original as I do not want to go to bed with flavors on my lips. Yes, I only apply this before I go to bed as I use a lipstick from Elizabeth Arden during the day.


Nivea Double Effect Shower & Shave | B$4.00

Back in the uni days in UK, I was a big fan of Nivea shower creams as they smelled extremely luxurious to me. And drugstores like Boots and Superdrugs always have promotion like Buy One Get One Free. LOL!

Winmark used to carry quite a variety of Nivea shower creams that I like but they were no longer available at the moment. My all time favorite was Cashmere Moments but unfortunately it was not available yesterday. I wonder if Nivea discontinued Cashmere Moments and launched these new scents?


Olay Luscious Orchid Cleansing Body Wash | B$7.65

It is rare to find Olay cleansing wash in Brunei. This was by far the best scented one from Olay among the ones displayed on the shelf. Think I am gonna start using this once I am done with my Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Energizing Bath & Shower Gel.

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