Review: Piato Bistro, Miri

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, I was in Miri yesterday for a day trip to run some errands. I was in Miri early in the morning and stayed at the airport for approximately two hours before Alan picked me up to drop me off to meet Ing for breakfast.

Initially, Ing suggested that we try a place called D2D Bistro but I was not keen on having Nyonya Laksa. My stomach has an extremely low tolerance when it comes to Laksa due to the coconut milk used to make the broth. Don’t wanna end up looking for washrooms for the entire day as the washrooms in Miri ain’t clean enough for my liking.

Since I rejected Ing’s recommendation for D2D Bistro, she asked me to choose a venue. I chose Piato Bistro as I was craving for an English breakfast. Well, not exactly the authentic kind but close enough kind would be more than enough for me.


Yeah … That’s what we do – Let’s EAT!

Without further ado, let me show you what Ing and I had for breakfast yesterday morning. Portion was too big so I ended up having a light lunch with Alan but starting to get hungry around 3 in the afternoon. LOL!


Hot Lemon | RM2.50 & Hot Honey Lemon | RM3.00

Hot Lemon for me and Hot Honey Lemon for Ing. Nothing special about our beverages just that I personally find my Hot Lemon not to be sour enough despite I had crushed the lemon slice. Prior to serving my Hot Lemon, they had added sugar into the hot water.


Ham & Cheese Croissant | RM9.80

Ing’s choice of breakfast. I intended to order this in the first place but decided not to when Ing suggested that she wanted to order this. She did not have much comment on this Ham & Cheese Croissant of hers apart from the pork bacon being overly salty to be eaten on it’s own.


Big Brekkie | RM25.90

It’s rare that I will eat such a heavy meal for breakfast. But ever since I started dieting, I will eat more for breakfast. That way, I don’t gain much weight as the food that I took for breakfast will be burnt throughout the day.

My Big Brekkie comes with two slices of toasted wholemeal breads. They offered quite a variety of options for their bread. They have Bruschetta, Whole Grain, Wholemeal, Plain, Croissant and some other which I could not remember.

Mushroom was from the canned ones, sauteed with salted butter. Egg wise, you could choose sunny side up, omelette, scrambled or poached. I had mine poached, exactly like the eggs in Benedict. Unfortunately, I did not like my poached eggs. The egg whites tasted rubbery in texture to me and I think I could taste vinegar on the egg whites.

Sausage was homemade. They serve pork sausage too. The one I had was Hot & Spicy. According to the waitress, their Hot & Spicy sausage was mild in terms of the spicy level. However, it was pretty spicy for both Ing and I. Both pork sausage and bacon were salty for my liking. They had to be eaten together with the toasted bread.

If you wondered if I finish off the entire plate of food, no I did not. I only managed to finish half of the platter and shove the rest to Ing. Thank goodness I have a friend who could share my food with or else the money paid will be gone wasted.

Verdict: To be honest, I quite like the place. It is small in size but cozy enough to pull off as a brunch cafe. Customer service was good in my opinion. Food was served quite promptly after ordering. Food quality was okay in my opinion but there are still spaces for improvements. I didn’t like the fact that they added too much salt in their food. But I do not mind returning again next time.

PS: Piato Bistro is a non-Halal cafe as pork is served. 

Piato Bistro
Lot 2455, Ground Floor,
Boulevard Commercial Centre,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-085415003

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