22012016 / Secret Recipe, The Mall

So, I went The Mall yesterday evening after work to buy hair shampoo and conditioner as my current ones are running out. Can’t decide what to eat so settled with Secret Recipe as Hot Point was crowded and I saw no vacant table.

The server introduced me to a couple of their promotional set meals but nothing took my fancy. But I still get settled with one of the promotional sets for B$8.80 which comes with a Minestrone Soup, Grilled BBQ Chicken / Thai Green Curry Chicken and Iced Lemon Tea.


This was the promotional set which I was talking about. Quite a good deal, I would say. Contemplating between Thai Green Curry Chicken and Grilled BBQ Chicken but decided to go for the latter as coconut milk is high in calories. LOL!


All Day Promotion | B$8.80


Minestrone Soup

Perfect soup for a cold weather but the weather was nowhere near cold yesterday evening. It tasted quite good for me, slightly sourish from the pureed tomatoes to boost your appetite. Not the kind of soup for you if you are no veggie lover.


Grilled BBQ Chicken

Came with a huge chunk of boneless chicken thigh with BBQ sauce poured all over it, a portion of fragrant rice and whole kernel corns. I love that the chicken was juicy and tender but I didn’t like the sauce. It was too sweet for my liking. Perhaps I would request the sauce to come separately next time.


Iced Lemon Tea 

This was not bad as it was not extremely sweet but portion was too much and I ended up like finishing one quarter of it only.

Secret Recipe
Unit 1.28 & 1.33,
The Mall,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2457123


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