08022016 / Mituo Vege Restaurant

It was the first day of Chinese New Year 2016. So, Sister and I were half day vegan until lunch. Didn’t feel like cooking as you are not allowed to do much cleaning on the first day of CNY based on traditional Chinese superstitions.

Most of the vegetarian restaurants in Brunei were closed during CNY. Thankfully, Mituo Vege Restaurant was opened for a couple of hours per day during CNY. So, the both of us headed to Mituo for lunch. The restaurant was not as jam packed as I thought it would be. We ordered a couple of dishes but requested them to be served in the smallest portion since it was only the two of us eating.


Fresh Soya Bean Milk

We requested no sugar for our beverages so this tasted extremely bland. But it was good enough if you are on a strict less sugar diet. LOL!


Deep Fried Tofu Sizzling Plate | B$8


Lo Han Zai | B$8


Mixed Veggie Vegetarian Curry | B$8

Just realized that all of our dishes came with tofu. LOL! All in all, it was a satisfying meal but tad bit too salty for our liking. The Mixed Veggie Vegetarian Curry was supposed to taste sweet due to the ample amount of vegetables to make the broth but it somehow turned out to be salty instead of sweet.

We only managed to finish Lo Han Zai and requested the server to have the remaining dishes as takeaways so that both Sister and I could use the leftovers as dinner on the same day and lunch for the next day before departing for Kota Kinabalu (KK).

Mituo Vege Restaurant
11, Block B, Ground Floor,
PAP Norain Complex,
Mile 1, Jalan Tutong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel No: +673-2222821


2 thoughts on “08022016 / Mituo Vege Restaurant

    • Yeah .. It is the one at Batu Satu, next to a photo studio.

      I don’t think this is Halal as I think I remembered seeing a notice stating “Bukan Untuk Makanan Orang Muslim”. Albeit they are vegan, but they do serve mock pork. So, I don’t think it is Halal.

      However, if I wish to try vegan dishes, you could try Tien Hsing at Menglait. It is located on the same block as LeApple. That is Halal if I am not mistaken as they do not serve mock pork and I do see Muslim customers although not many.

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