08022016 / Cinnabon, Times Square Brunei

I see that we have quite a few new eateries in town lately. I just found out that we have a new dessert cafe by Yugo in Kiulap Regent Square area. As you all know, Sister came home for Chinese New Year three weeks ago (she is now  back to Shanghai by the way).

It was only the both of us on the first day of CNY as parents were in Kuching at that time. So after lunch at Mituo Vege Restaurant, we headed to Times Square hoping to catch a movie before driving to EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club for some sightseeing. Unfortunately, there was no movie which caught our fancy. So, we cut our trip at Times Square short but had Cinnabon before driving to EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club.


Cinnabon Times Square has been opened for nearly a month, if I recall correctly. But I had never gotten round to try it until two weeks ago. Thankfully, Sister is also a huge fan of cinnamon rolls. Some of my friends do not like cinnamon rolls due to the heavy taste of cinnamon. I, on the other hand love cinnamon!


This was part of their food menu. They do have beverage menu. But unfortunately, it could not fit into the picture. Took us both quite some time to decide what we wanted to order and we settled with Mini Pecan Bites as Sister loves pecans.


Mini Choco Bon anyone?


Mini Pecan Bites (5pcs) | B$3.90

We requested no drizzling of the caramel syrup but it was no possible as the crew members had already done so to the entire batch. Taste wise, it was good with an acceptable cinnamon taste. It wasn’t too strong for me but may be so for those who dislike cinnamon. Texture wise, perfecto!

I do not mind returning to Cinnabon again next time for my dose of cinnamon rolls but I would definitely request no cream cheese frosting on my cinnamon roll.

Unit SS-00-21,
Ground Floor,
Times Square Shopping Centre,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


2 thoughts on “08022016 / Cinnabon, Times Square Brunei

  1. Ive tried the Mini Pecan Bites! Its sooo yummy :9 Im craving it right now.

    There’s so many more new cafes opening up here lately. Apart from Yugo cafe, there is also new restaurant Balcony which is just situated in Kiulap, replacing the previous Mamih. The interior is so nice ❤

    • Yeah … I have noticed that there are a lots of new eateries in town within a short period of time. I wonder why so many entrepreneurs chose to open eateries compared to other business.

      Have you tried Bento Brothers? I saw their ads on Facebook and the dishes looked quite nice. I think one of their highlight dishes is the Poutine.

      I could not remember where was the old Mamih in Kiulap. Where is it again? Think I am gonna try the place soon if the food are nice.

      I went Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe again yesterday for brunch. Had their Hot Press Tuna Mayo Sandwich on Turkish Bread. I think R&B serves the best fries up to date (my personal preference).

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