Cooking Diary #37

Finally updating on what I had been cooking these few days when Mom is not at home to do the cooking. LOL! You may find the dishes which I cooked to be pretty similar from each other but these were all I could come up with at the moment.


Stir Fry Tomatoes with Scrambled Eggs


Stir Fry Sliced Chicken Breast with Ginger & Abalone Mushroom

4 thoughts on “Cooking Diary #37

    • Which recipe do you want? The tomatoes omelette or the chicken?

      If it is the chicken, then you have to marinate the chicken one night before cooking so that the flavors will sink in the next day when you cook.

      As for the marinade, you will need oyster sauce, light and dark soy sauce, sesame oil / vegetable oil, cornstarch (to make the chicken breast meat tender), salt or chicken stock powder and white pepper powder. Give all seasonings a stir with the chicken breast meat and leave them in the fridge overnight.

      Chop three to four cloves of garlic and cut ginger into strips, depending on your preference. I like ginger so I usually use a big chunk of ginger. And you will need lots of ginger too to omit the raw taste of the abalone mushroom.

      Pour like a tablespoon or more vegetable oil / sesame oil into wok. Saute garlic and ginger strips together until they turn slightly brown or when you can smell a strong scent of ginger coming out. If you use sesame oil, the smell is even nicer! But I used vegetable oil only this time as I ran out of sesame oil in the house. LOL!

      Pour in the chicken with the marinade and stir fry them until the meat turns lighter in color before adding in the abalone mushroom. Pour in desired amount of hot water and add some more seasoning if you wish. You can add a little bit more oyster sauce, light and dark soy sauce and a bit of salt if you wish. I will definitely add some brown sugar though. And cornstarch mixed with room temperature water. That way the broth will be slightly thicker and it goes well with the rice. Let the broth simmer for a while before you serving. You have to taste test the broth before serving as I always do that before serving.

      Happy trying! Do tell me how it turns out if you do give it an attempt. xD

  1. Aww thanks for the detailed chicken recipe! I think im not gonna try it any sooner since im still trying out simple dishes like chicken soups and stir fry foods xD Cooking is definitely not my forte and requires me a lot of practice T^T

    • No problem.

      If you make cooking a hobby, then you will excel in it soon. Cooking is not my forte too but I am willing to try when I feel like cooking. LOL!

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