15022016 / BlackBall, Brunei

I went to BlackBall on my last day of Chinese New holiday more than week ago. I had wanted to go with Sister but never gotten round to do so as we were always full after meals when in Gadong. I ordered my usual favorite BlackBall Signature and only managed to finish half before I feel kind of bloated.


BlackBall Signature | B$5.90


Came with generous portion of their homemade grass jelly, red beans, bubble pearls, Q sweet potatoes and taro balls. I requested for less sugar but unfortunately, it was not possible as everything were readily made.

The platter came bland and you have to pour in the milk cream provided. The homemade grass jelly was extremely smooth and silky. Melt in the mouth and slide down the throat easily. LOL! The red beans however were too sweet for my liking. Q sweet potatoes and taro balls were good in my opinion.

Unit 9, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Yong Siong Hai,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2429230


10 thoughts on “15022016 / BlackBall, Brunei

    • Yeah … I think grass jelly could be easily made from home. However, it is easy for us to get canned ready made grass jelly here in Asian countries. So, we never bothered to make them at home.

      • Haha yeah. I buy them canned. We just add sugar and maybe coconut milk if we feel like. Most days we just eat it as is. That’s why I was so surprised you can add red bean into the jelly too.

    • I think everything tasted good with grass jelly. Apart from coconut milk, you can try soy milk too but sweetened kind.

      Do try with soy milk at home and see if you like it. It is nice but I rarely drink it as it is kinda sweet for me. =D

    • Not cheap, I would say. B$5.90 for BlackBall Signature is pretty expensive for me. It was about B$4.90 in Singapore couple of years ago.

      It is cheaper in Miri though. About RM8.90 for the same thing. If you go Miri often, try it in Miri instead of Brunei.

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