Review: NER|DEE Cafe, Brunei

It has been more than a month since I last did a proper cafe/restaurant review. I was at NER|DEE Cafe yesterday afternoon with some friends. This was my second visit to NER|DEE Cafe and my first was with Kaylie. Unfortunately, the menu was pretty limited back then as they were on soft opening stage, I think. But I saw that they have increased their menu selection and so did their pricing.

Without further ado, let me show you a part of the food which we ordered.


The Hulk 250ml | B$3.20

Cucumber juice, mint leaves, lemon juice, H2O, hulk’s gamma beta rays

This was what I ordered and my beverage came served in a beaker. Juices come in two serving sizes – 250ml and 500ml. 250ml is served in a beaker just like in the above picture while 500ml is served in a conical flask.

The reason why I chose this was because this seems to be the “healthiest” sounding juice on the menu. Majority of the friends ordered Take  A Chill Pill and Summer H2O Down. According to Stephen, Summer H2O Down tasted a bit like beer due to the malt drink. If you are wondering how does The Hulk tastes like, it tasted like cucumber juice to me with a lemony taste. It was refreshing but you might not like it if you don’t like beverage without sweetness. There, I told you my opinion. LOL!


Donut Mess | B$5.40

Ice-cream of the day sandwiched in a toasted donut, drizzled with salted Gula Melaka sauce topped with assorted toppings. 

I like the idea that they use syringes to store the sauces when serving. At first, I thought the sauce was salted caramel but it turned out to be salted Gula Melaka. The donut turned hard due to the ice cold ice-cream sandwiched between the donut. Assorted toppings were nuts and breakfast cereals.


Crazy Concoction


Not Really Maggie Mee

This is a NER|DEE version of ramen. Both Jing and Jia ordered this. This was served with instant noodles, corn kernels, chicken pieces, spring onions, chili padi, seaweed sheet and onsen tamago!

Jia could not finish the entire bowl, so we both shared. And I went overboard with my gluten limit for the day hence feeling rather uncomfortable after the meal. This was a good bowl of “ramen” albeit the simple ingredients used. The addition of chili padi added a kick to the soup taste. However, the onsen tamago was the highlight of the “ramen”,


Selfie with le’ BFF

I went for a hair wash at the salon yesterday morning prior to our meet up in the afternoon and found out that my hair is the longest since I started having bob hairstyle. Thinking of going for hair straightening and sniping off about two inches of the hair. What do you think? Mom said that I should let my hair grow longer but I do not like longer hair nowadays as compared to before. Reason being it takes a longer time to blow dry. LOL!

2 thoughts on “Review: NER|DEE Cafe, Brunei

  1. What is that Hulk’s gamma beta ray actually? 😮 And what’s the concoction for? Love the science laboratory concept. Ive yet to visit there. Did you play their board games there? I only went to Game & Latte and really love their classy atmosphere. The game per entry for one person (non-member) is $4 tho which is kinda expensive lol. The fries were too much added spices and thin. But i like their place and wouldn’t mind going there again to chill :3

    • I have no idea too! I think it was a secret ingredient which they used to make the drink. I had their version of Butterbeer previously. It was a combination of soda water with a secret ingredient which they did not want to reveal. So, my assumption is that this Hulk’s gamma beta ray is some ingredient they don’t wanna reveal. Hence, they used a title to make it the drink sounds special? LOL!

      I have never tried Games & Latte. Perhaps I should try it one day. What is so special about the games that you have to pay B$4 per entry? If I go there for dining only, do I have to pay B$4 entrance fee or it is only required if you wanted to play their board games? But B$4 sounded steep to me.

      Have you tried Element Fusion at Gadong Central? I am going to try it over the weekend. xD

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