Review: Spoonfull Restaurant

So, dinner yesterday was at Spoonfull Restaurant with Kaylie and lil’ Keona. The said restaurant was recently opened. It is located in the same unit as the previous Indian restaurant next to Telbru. The Indian restaurant was opened for less than a year before it ceased in operation.


Special guest of the night – lil’ Keona. LOL! Little girl is teething as she kept on stuffing her fingers into her mouth.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner yesterday …


Watermelon Juice | B$4.00

Can’t decide what to drink, Kaylie ordered herself a glass of Watermelon Juice while I stick with a cup of plain water. We were not tempted to try their coffee beverages. Have anyone tried their caffeinated drinks? Are they good?


Tofu Burger | B$6.50

Brioche buns, tofu pattie, sauteed mushrooms, romaine lettuce and tomatoes

All their burger dishes come with a side dish of fries. The bun was extremely soft and buttered. The tofu pattie was however a bit sour for me and it was mixed with leeks and herbs.

Kaylie gave a bit of the tofu pattie for lil’ Keona to try. She did not like as she was certainly not at all bothered showing us a face of disgust when the food goes into her tiny little mouth. LOL! Albeit being sour in taste, I still managed to finish the tofu pattie but half of the brioche bun only as I am trying to eat in moderate when it comes to gluten product.


Carbonara Pasta | B$7.80

Beef rashes, egg yolks, button mushrooms and basil

Kaylie had this for dinner which she did not even finish half of it as she could not stand the smell and taste of parmesan cheese powder in the pasta. I, in turn helped myself with a few servings. It was pretty good for me. Pasta was cooked al dente and flavoring was pretty much spot on. To be honest, I preferred this Carbonara Pasta over my Tofu Burger.

Verdict: The place is spacious and baby friendly in my opinion. There is ample of space for storage if you come in with a baby stroller. Customer service was good and food was served promptly after ordering.

I definitely do not mind returning next time but it is not gonna be for their Tofu Burger but Salted Egg Yolk Fries, Chicken Curry Mantou Burger or Curry Pasta.

Spoonfull Restaurant
No: 14, Ground Floor,
Citis Square,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2340026

4 thoughts on “Review: Spoonfull Restaurant

    • Same here! I always look at food pictures on Instagram before I go to bed. Hence, I always ended up feeling way even hungrier before bedtime. LOL!

    • It’s actually quite okay if you do not mind the sourish taste of the tofu patty though.

      But I think I am gonna try their other dishes next time. They do have Beef Burger.

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