Review: Milk Cow, Brunei

Milk Cow had been in Brunei for a month or two and I only got to try them few days ago with Kaylie. I am not much of a dessert fan nowadays as compared to before unless I have a partner to share the calories with. LOL!

However, due to the steep price, it is definitely not something I would be splurging on a regular basis unless I really am craving for it.


What’s so special about this Milk Cow is that it serves premium organic soft serve ice-cream. I had previously tried Hippo & Bees quite some time ago and I gotta admit that I prefer this one over Hippo & Bees.


These are the flavors which are available at the moment. Hopefully, they will be bringing in more flavors soon as I had seen that Singapore has more options than the one we have here in Brunei.

If time and tummy permits, I will definitely try Milk Cow in Singapore as their ice-cream could be served on waffles instead of the usual cups!


Milky Way | B$4.90

This is the basic and original flavor of Milk Cow. The texture was extremely smooth and creamy! And it has a strong taste of both milk and vanilla at the same time. Albeit I am on calorie control diet, I could not stop once I started. So, that explained how good it was!

Milk Cow
S1-00-10, Ground Floor,
Times Square Shopping Centre,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


2 thoughts on “Review: Milk Cow, Brunei

  1. Hi Siaw Tan, can you make a post on places to visit in Brunei? I plan to travel to Brunei this November and there is no better places to ask about the country if not from the local. I really appreciate if you can make one. Tq!

    • Hi Magdalena!

      I am not sure if I could be of much help here. But you could always give this

    • a try. The tourist attractions recommended on the website are pretty much of what we have here in Brunei.

      Places recommended like Oil & Gas Discovery and Billionth Barrel Monument are far from the town centre, like 2 to 3 hours drive from the city.

      As for Ulu Temburong National Park, you could either take the speed boat from the city centre or car ride into Temburong.

      Albeit living in Brunei all my life, I have yet visited all the tourist attractions. LOL! So, I don’t think I am in the place to recommend you places but I am sure the link above is good enough to go.

      If you need help on good food, maybe I could be of more help. xD

      Hope this helps.

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