01052016 / The Frenz Café

This is my second visit to The Frenz Cafe after my first with Jennifer on their first day of opening. It has been like what, 6 months? Jia and I made plan to meet up even before I flew to Singapore earlier last month.

Jia wanted to meet up on Wednesday evening but I can’t as I am working on late shift. So, we met up for brunch today instead as everyone is not working. There were a few of us – Jia, Stephen, lil’ Lucas and Eldie. Irene was supposed to join us but she could not make so it was down to the five of us.



These were some of the pictures which I took of the cafe. The cafe opens at 11AM and we were the early birds. There was another table arriving before us, I think.


Cute lil’ Lucas, who always has his mouth hanging open. LOL! But nevertheless, still cute. After brunch, I walked him nearby whereby quite a few ladies waved at him for his cuteness. This little boy is definitely a lady killer in the future.


Cafe Latte | B$4.00

Can’t think of what to drink, so I ordered my usual Cafe Latte. It seems to be the safest and less calories compared to others. The best option is of course plain water but I don’t feel like having plain water. This Cafe Latte however was not up to my expectation. Coffee taste ain’t strong in my opinion.


Mocha Ice Blended | B$5.50


Red Melon Refresher | B$5.50

According to Eldie, this tasted like one of the candies he used to eat. But I think it tasted more like the cherry candy from FOX. You know those FOX crystal candy? Yeah, that’s what I think it tasted like. As it was sweet, lil’ Lucas loved it and kept wanting for more.


Caramel Macchiato | B$5.00

Jia’s choice of beverage, which in her opinion was overly sweet.


Spaghetti Spicy Prawn Aglio Olio | B$9.90

Jia ordered Penne Cream Cheese with Chicken but they ran out of something. Not sure it was the cream cheese or penne. So, she had this instead which was pretty good in my opinion. Jia liked the prawns and portion was generous too! It was however spicy despite that Jia requested to be mildly spicy.


Spaghetti Pesto with Grilled Chicken | B$9.90

My choice of brunch. If you had been following my food entries long enough, you might have noticed that I love Pesto and I started to love Aglio Olio recently. The downside of both Pesto and Aglio Olio is that they were cooked with super generous portion of olive oil.

Pasta was cooked to my expectation, which was al dente. Flavoring was adequate but tad bit salty for me. Nevertheless, still good. The grilled chicken was less flavorful compared to the pasta which was fine by me as I do not want two over flavored food in one plate.

The portion of my grilled chicken was however pale in comparison to Jia’s prawns in her Aglio Olio though. LOL! The garlic bread was on the crunchy side. It was like eating garlic bread biscuit. Not complaining here but I preferred the softer version.


Fettuccine Carbonara | B$8.50

Eldie’s choice of lunch. Look at the portion, super generous! The cream sauce looked extremely heavy to me. Much to my surprise, Eldie mentioned that the sauce was not as heavy as it appeared to be.


The Frenz Charcoal Burger with Fries | B$9.90

Stephen’s choice of lunch. On my first visit to The Frenz Cafe six months ago, Jennifer ordered their Classic Cheese Burger which was of a disappointment. According to Stephen, the beef patty was not bad. Well marinated but it would have been perfect if paired with some bacon? All in all, decent enough but could have been better.

Verdict: Food quality was a lot better compared to my first visit. Their pasta was reasonably priced given the portion. However, there was still one thing which they failed to change. It surprised me that they were still serving burger dish with spoon and fork after six months.

Waiting time was horrendous. The four of us waited for approximately an hour before our main courses were served. Drinks came pretty quickly after we ordered but not our main courses though. There were only two tables of us and yet it still took them an hour to serve us.

If you are famished, I would not recommend The Frenz Cafe. You will have better luck with Ideal and KFC nearby. However, if you do not mind the waiting time while catching up with your friends, The Frenz Cafe is good enough as they serve decent enough food at reasonable price.


The Frenz Café
Unit 10, Block 8,
Haji Ibrahim Building,
Kampung Mentiri,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2791374


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