Review: Genki Teppanyaki Restaurant & Catering

Dinner yesterday was at this restaurant called Genki Teppanyaki & Restaurant with Kaylie, Kevin and lil’ Keona. This restaurant hasn’t been opened for long, probably a year or so?

I had wanted to try this restaurant quite some time ago but Kaylie said the restaurant isn’t baby-stroller friendly. And now that lil’ Keona can sit on a baby chair, it is way easier! I was extremely late for dinner as the queue at Baiduri Bank ain’t moving. So, I decided to ditch my queue number and headed for dinner instead.


Lil’ Keona


Look at that facial expression … LOL!

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner. Or what I had for dinner. Hahaha …


This is how the restaurant looked like on the inside. The restaurant was partially filled when we were there for dinner. This picture was taken when majority patrons had left after dinner. They have two teppanyaki counters and one sushi bar.


Beef Teppan Set | B$8.50


Teppan Combo Set B (Chicken) | B$9.80

What’s difference between this Teppan Combo Set B and Teppan Beef Set is that the former comes with a drink while the latter is only the main course without a drink. All teppanyaki dishes come with rice, stir fry vegetables and teppanyaki style meat of your choice. The stir fry vegetable was oily in my opinion and loaded with teriyaki sauce. It was nice but oily.

The teppanyaki style chicken was however a disappointment to me as it was loaded with black peppers. Little did I know that I could choose between teriyaki or black pepper style teppanyaki. The waitress who served me did not tell me about the options. So, that’s why …

Verdict: Food was average to me, probably because I did not like my chicken dish with black pepper instead of teriyaki sauce. The miso soup was nice though. Food was served promptly after ordering. Kaylie ordered herself a Chicken Katsu Don which part of the meat were still raw. Kevin had it returned. We were wondering if they are gonna redo the entire dish or re-cook the chicken cutlets. It turned out that they only re-cook the chicken cutlet, probably by microwaving it.

Genki Teppanyaki Restaurant & Catering
38, Ground Floor,
Citis Square,
Mukim Berakas A,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2332118

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