06052016 / It’s A Grind Coffee House, Citis Square

All four of us – Kaylie, Kevin, lil’ Keona and I headed straight to It’s A Grind Coffee House located in Citis Square after our dinner at Genki Teppanyaki Restaurant & Catering. Kaylie had wanted to try It’s A Grind Coffee House. Being a coffee addict she is, it is no news to me that she will want to try the said cafe. If she came to know any cafe which serves decent coffee, she would not give it a miss. I am not saying that It’s A Grind Coffee House serves the best coffees as they are pretty much subjected to personal preferences.

As usual, I had my Spiced Chai Latte. I had tried a few Chai Latte over the years but the best one I came across was the one from Starbucks Coffee in Gold Coast whereby Sister requested soy milk instead of regular milk. Unfortunately, Starbucks Coffee in Brunei and Malaysia do not have Chai Latte. And the closest best one I got so far is this Spiced Chai Latte from It’s A Grind Coffee House. However, I find that the quality is not consistent as it tasted better on my first trial compared to the one I had yesterday.


Orange Cream Cheese Cake | B$5.90

There were only three cakes’ choices – Orange Cream Cheese Cake, Salted Caramel Cake and Rainbow Cake. So, I had this. This is an orange layered cake with cream cheese frosting layers sandwiched in between. It was good but I tried not to finish the entire thing due to the calorie count. Kaylie mentioned that the cream cheese frosting was good but she did not like orange flavored cake. I like zesty flavored cake though.


Salted Caramel Cake | B$5.90

I am not much of a chocolate cake lover but this one was good. The chocolate layers were rich and the layers of salted caramel made it even better albeit being overly sweet. Kaylie agreed that the cake was good but on the pricey side.

It’s A Grind Coffee House
20, Ground Floor,
Citis Square,
Mukim Berakas A,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2337588

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