08052016 / Danes Cafe

My colleague had been complaining that I drank too much coffees recently than I should be. Came to think about it and it was so true. There were Spiced Chai Latte from It’s A Grind Coffee House, Cafe Latte from Games & Latte and Caramel Latte from Yugo Dessert Cafe yesterday afternoon. I should avoid caffeine intake and stick to juices for body cleansing instead. LOL!

Anyways, San Diann, Clara and I met earlier yesterday instead of our arranged lunch meeting at 12PM. I had a last minute obligation during noon time so I asked them if they minded moving our meeting earlier as I will be meeting another friend for high tea at Yugo Dessert Cafe in the afternoon. They were okay with it so we met at Caffe Verve some time around 10AM.

We left Caffe Verve shortly after browsing through their menu and found out that there was nothing which caught our fancy. Their breakfast meals are mostly burgers and pizzas. Pastas are only available from 12PM. Who eats burgers and pizzas in the morning? Well, at least I don’t. So, we decided to leave and headed to Danes Cafe instead which serves decent breakfast with pork. We do not mind returning to Caffe Verve but definitely not for breakfast.


Lemon, Orange & Carrot | B$4.50

Instead of ordering coffee, I had juice instead as my stomach felt rather uncomfortable of the Cafe Latte from the night before at Board & Games. I am not in any way implying that there was something wrong with the Cafe Latte but solely because I drank the coffee with an empty stomach and I ended up with an acid re-flux before I went to bed.


Cafe Latte | B$4.60


Bacon Carbonara | B$13

Clara’s choice of breakfast which was Fettuccine Carbonara with bacon bits. It was good albeit being slightly salty, probably due to the bacon bits.


Aglio Olio Angel Hair Pasta with Smoked Salmon | B$14

My almost vegan choice of breakfast. LOL! I requested for plain but the waiter kindly told me that the price would still be the same with or without topping. You can choose between bacon and smoked salmon. My pasta consisted of sliced zucchini, red peppers, sun dried tomatoes and smoked salmon tossed with olive oil. Both Clara and San Diann had a go at my pasta and they agreed it was good!


Pesto Chicken Ciabatta | B$9 

San Diann’s choice of breakfast. Pesto is still not commonly known among us. Some like pesto but majority do not. I am however a huge fan of pesto like Sister. San Diann mentioned that their fries were good.

It was pouring cats and dogs when we decided to leave for my noon obligation. By the time we all got into my car, we were all half wet. LOL!

Danes Cafe
Unit 102, Bangunan Bersurat,
Jalan Batu Bersurat, Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2428914

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