Review: Games & Lattes

I had late dinner today as company provided dinner did not entice me. I would avoid late dinner as much as possible as it is fattening but I needed my caffeine fix for the day. So, I texted a friend to ask if he is in town today and it turned out that he is. So, we met up for coffee after work.

Starbucks Coffee is our usual hangout spot for coffees but I wanted something different this time round. So, we ended up at Games & Latte as I had never try out the place. The cafe was almost packed to the brim but there was still a table for two vacant by the corner.


Mocha | B$5.50 


Cafe Latte | B$5.50

Had my usual Cafe Latte when I do not feel like having Chai Latte. Requested for skimmed milk but they only had low fat milk. To be honest, their Cafe Latte is good in my opinion. Caffeine was strong and I ended up not feeling sleepy until 3AM in the morning. So gonna recommend this cafe to my coffee addict friends and colleagues. LOL!


Tuna Mayo Panini | B$6.90

Ordered Tuna Mayo Panini to share as I do not want to finish the entire thing by myself since it was near 11PM. Requested for no cheese in my panini sandwich. Liked that the panini was not hard and dry as compared to some other panini sandwiches which I had tried previously in other cafes. Fries were good but I think they went slightly overboard with the black pepper.

Verdict: Ordering system is over the counter whereby you have to pay for your food first before they are sent to you. Customer service is good in my opinion and food were served promptly after ordering. Food is not bad and they serve pretty decent coffees in my opinion. Board games are provided but you need to pay a fee to have access to them. All in all, this is a good hangout place with friends over coffees and light food.

Games & Lattes
E9, Setia Kenangan 2,
Simpang: 150-5-13-18,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1518,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darusssalam
Tel: +673-2235200


8 thoughts on “Review: Games & Lattes

  1. Ahh! A board game cafe! I love those. I always wanted to give them a try, but my friends rather have board games at someone’s place instead of spending the money. I think it’s just part of an experience. It’s not the same at a cafe vs someone’s house. If that makes sense.

    • Board games are not so common here in Brunei and entrepreneurs only started to bring in the idea less than a year ago. We do have departmental stores selling board games but it is not much of a trend. I think the locals are more into RC Cars than board games. We only have two cafes with board games’ concept here in town.

      But some people just went there for foods and drinks rather than the games. I am one of them. Never a board game person but solely just wanted to try their coffees. LOL!

      • Hahah yeah I got that when I read your post. 😀 Unfortunately I can not experience the coffee through you. I wish I could. :C though seeing the photos are usually second best. haha.

        I’m surprised how board games are not common over there. Over here it’s pretty common. Lots of hobby shops and board games events.

        I wish we had more shops that sold good RC cards. I always wanted a good one, one that didn’t break on me. I find them a lot more exciting to play with, also I can bother people with the cars when I want. 😀

    • There were too much cafes sprouting everywhere in within a short time. They are pretty much similar with one another. Prices are high as well and most of them are priced about the same as the international franchise coffee chains like Starbucks Coffee and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

      I think hobby shops are more common in Asian countries like Japan. We did not have much hobby shops here in Brunei, probably less than 10 as hobbyists prefer to buy them over the Internet as they are a lot cheaper. I have a friend who went Japan and bought shitloads of them.

      There was a time when Bruneians were crazy over Lego and business at Toys ‘R’ Us had been good. But over the time, Bruneians buy Lego set when they travel to China or Hong Kong. I think it was cheaper in Guangzhou as my friend bought a few sets at once and lugged them all back. LOL!

      I think the hype has yet died down as this friend of mine managed to sell a built up completed Lego set for approximately USD$720. Sometimes you just cringe at the amount hobbyists are willing to spend just for a Lego set. But well, it’s just like us females spending few grands on branded designer bags. Hahaha … xD

      What about you?

      • Haha I’m definitely more interested in playing with Lego sets than having designer bags. I mean I love them and all, but one designer bag is good enough for me. 😀 of course, it’ll have to match with the rest of my clothing style. Haha

        Its also the same for us over there. Lego is pretty big. We have a few Lego stores in the city I live in. It’s always very popular and crowded with people when I go visit.

        I never heard of the coffee beans and tea leaf before. Over here Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and Good Earth reign over the Cafe /coffee industry.

      • I am not a game person. So, I will definitely prefer designer bags over Lego. But I won’t spend a couple thousands over a Hermes, Chanel or LV. Think they are too ridiculously priced unless I really love it. I am more of a PRADA person but still expensive for my liking. LOL!

        Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) is more common in Asian countries, I guess? But I can see that Starbucks dominated the world when it comes to franchise coffee chains. If you were to go to China, you can see there is at least one Starbucks like two to three buildings away from each other. Or sometimes, two Starbucks in one building. LOL!

        We have Starbucks, CBTL, It’s A Grind and Gloria Jeans here in Brunei.

      • Ooh, ahh! I really wanna go travelling. Talking about the popular coffee shops at our different cities is very exciting. 😀

        OOh LV is a classic. I love their bags. Currently, I’ve been a fan of Michael Kors. But I think that’s because my cute little crossbody is from them. Haha I dont’ leave home without that bag.

      • Hahaha … Same here. Whenever I read blogs about travel, I will always have the itch to go travelling though I just came back from Singapore not long ago. Thinking of going Bangkok soon as my previous two attempts had not be successful. I bought the tickets and ended up cancelling them due to unforeseen circumstances. 😦

        So far, I have not come across any LV which caught my fancy. I like Michael Kors too but haven’t gotten round to get myself one. I am more of a Selma person of Michael Kors range. What about you?

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