11092015 / The Energy Kitchen, Brunei

As usual, I was going through my media archive for unattached pictures and I came across these bunch from The Energy Kitchen. It was a birthday dinner celebration with my colleagues last September. I was still on a healthy diet program back then.

So, I chose The Energy Kitchen as both of them did not mind trying out healthy food. To be honest, not all of my friends can stand the idea of healthy food and greens. Some of them just can’t be bothered. LOL!


The place was pretty much empty aside from two or three tables including ours being occupied. Perhaps healthy food does not appeal much among the locals? And furthermore, price tags ain’t cheap too!


Can’t remember what were these too but I think one of them was Glow. One glass bottle of these cold-pressed juice was B$6.50 each. Albeit the same color but both were definitely different cold-pressed juices. I do remember that I am having some sort of body cleansing juice as I ended up with quite a bit of detoxing throughout the night. LOL!


Soup of the Day

We had Pumpkin Soup as Soup of the Day and it came with a piece of Low Gi Bread. The soup was really good and it was full of natural sweetness from the pumpkin. The texture of the soup was extremely smooth and there was no trace of pumpkin chunk at all!


Tofu Summer Roll | B$6

Ordered this as our appetizer. This is Vietnamese spring rolls of rice papers stuffed with tofu, shredded vegetables, avocado and fresh mint, accompanied with spicy cashew dipping sauce.


Salmon Soba | B$19

Never grew tired of this Salmon Soba but the price tag was kind of expensive. The salmon fillets were poached with green tea while the broccoli were roasted. The soba, also known as buckwheat noodles were tossed in sesame dressing. It comes with a sweet, sour and slightly spicy taste.


Satay Burger | B$12

Signature Almond Satay Sauce /  Spice-marinated Grilled Chicken Breast / Cucumber / Onion / Grilled Pineapple

As there were three of us, I decided to order this Satay Burger to share when they gave me the task of ordering given that I had been to The Energy Kitchen previously. And they sort of expecting that I know what are and aren’t nice. LOL! I would say this was a decent healthy burger dish.

What I loved the most about this Satay Burger was the grilled pineapple. Never knew that grilled pineapple goes so well with burger! The grilled chicken breast was well marinated, bursting with flavors and yet tender at the same time. I definitely would not mind ordering this again next time.

The Energy Kitchen
Ground Floor,
Fitness Zone Kiulap,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2233323

11 thoughts on “11092015 / The Energy Kitchen, Brunei

    • Yeah … The price of Salmon Soba was indeed steep! I think that was the most expensive plate of noodles which I had eaten so far. LOL! But it was really good but not something you would wanna splurge on all the time.

      There are quite a few other less expensive dishes at The Energy Kitchen but the Salmon Soba was one of my favorites. The Satay Burger was good to be honest. They have quite a range of burger dishes but I have yet tried them all. This was my second visit afterall and it was half a year later when I decided to pen down my experience. Hahaha … XD

    • Have you tried the Satay Pasta from Rack & Brew?
      I came across their Instagram and saw that they have this dish on their menu. The pasta comes with two sticks of chicken skewers.
      Wonder how it tastes like compared to the conventional kind of pastas.

  1. Nope i havent had any appetizers or meal from Rack and Brew so far. I only have had their cakes. For sure if i do go there again, i wanna try their dishes. Have you seen their hi tea set? Im in love with it. It looks wonderful ❤

    • Yeah … I think I had seen their high tea set from their Instagram profile and I think it ain’t cheap at all given the design of the set. High tea set has never really appeal to me as they are normally overpriced to me. LOL!

      I had just found out from Instagram that we have a new cafe which was opened earlier this month. It’s called The Krema, located at where Vintage Rose used to be. The building over Koryo Restaurant if I am not wrong. Their coffees look nice to me. Think I am gonna try the place soon.

  2. Yeah i have found out The Krema Cafe from Instagram like last night xD And i just discovered many more new cafes/restaurants like Verve Cafe, Margherita Pizza, Gratitude, Wayback Burgers and so many more i couldnt recall. Sorry if some of these cafes/restaurants i have mentioned aren’t really new lol. I just knew about them very recently.

    • I think The Krema do not have an extensive menu yet apart from coffees and some finger foods? But I heard they are famous for Fish & Chips?

      I had been to Verve Caffe the other day. The coffees and pastas were not bad but half of their pasta menu were not available. So, it was kinda frustrating when what you wanted to eat was not available.

      My friends and I had to go for second option as what we wanted were not available at that time. They were out of beef rashes and seafood at the time.

      I heard of Margherita Pizza, located on the same block as Guardian in Mata-Mata. Not sure if it is good as I saw from their Facebook that they don’t have much options available. Only pizza and some puffs.

      Gratitude? Wayback Burgers? Never heard of them. Where are their whereabouts?

  3. Gratitude cafe is somewhere in Serusop which i wonder where exactly. I think it has been around since last year. Wayback Burgers just recently opened in Kiulap Setia Kenangan Complex. They have gigantic layers of patties in their burgers :3 I only saw it on Instagram. I wonder how the burgers taste like.

    • Yeah … I came to know that Gratitude Cafe is located somewhere in Serusop but not exactly sure the exact whereabouts. Is Gratitude Cafe selling local cuisines?

      Wayback Burgers is quite a big hit yesterday. I think I saw from somewhere that the gigantic layers burger is selling for B$24 each. Not sure if it is true. But would you spend that much for 9 layers of beef patties and cheese slices? By the way, I don’t eat beef. But even if they do have in chicken, I doubt I am willing to spend that much though.

      I am thinking of trying The Krema next week. Hopefully, I can make it as new cafe is always crowded during first few weeks of opening.

      Do you know that Ikura Sushi Restaurant has closed down? I was there yesterday but to realize that the place was shut down. No further information was given on their Facebook profile though. I was looking forward to a Japanese cuisine dinner though. LOL!

  4. I would love to try the gigantic burger $24 for once but i dont think i wanna spend much on that only xD Maybe i would like to try their normal size burgers. They have quite yellow buns though from what ive noticed.

    Omg yes i actually went to Ikura restaurant too like about 2 months ago and found out its closed, replaced by Farmbasket i think. I didnt get the chance to try it after all :’\ At last resorted to Sushi Tei instead lol.

    • But I think Wayback Burgers has more choices on beef instead of chicken. Think I am gonna try out the place when the crowd has died down. Think it is gonna be full house for a couple of months like how Pepper Lunch used to be. I wonder if Pepper Lunch is still full house every day.

      Yeah … I think Ikura Sushi Restaurant is replaced with Farmbasket. Perhaps they are from the same owner? I went there as I wanted a quiet dinner and Sushi Tei doesn’t seem to fit my requirement and I ended up at Ristorante Buon Gusto as there were only two tables occupied including mine yesterday.

      Oh yeah … I just remembered Brew Cafe. I think their cheesecake was not bad too. My sister had it once and I think she said not bad.

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